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Smart Rain Named in Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech List
November 17, 2022

Smart Rain, an irrigation technology company, announced today that it has been named to Fast Company’s Next Big Things […]

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Smart Rain Wins 2022 WaterSense® Excellence Award
November 3, 2022

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized Smart Rain with a 2022 WaterSense Excellence Award for […]

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Davis School District Students Compete in the First-Ever Unified Sports Soccer Tournament
September 26, 2022

Unified Sports is an inclusive sports program that combines a proportionate number of Special Olympics Utah athletes […]

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Smart Rain Named to Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies
August 18, 2022

With a three-year revenue growth of 573%, Smart Rain was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing priv […]

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Smart Rain Kicks Off $213 Million Smart Kids™ Campaign
August 10, 2022

August 10th, 2022, Ogden, Utah— During a press conference at Liberty Elementary in Ogden, Utah, Smart Rain announced i […]

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What Smart Rain’s Donation Will Do for Schools Throughout the U.S.
July 29, 2022

Smart Rain is a smart irrigation technology company. We're also a charitable organization focused on improving lives […]

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Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month with These 12 Water Conservation Tips
July 12, 2022

Happy July and Happy Smart Irrigation Month!  The Irrigation Association created Smart Irrigation Month to inc […]

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SmartWeather™: The Cure for Over/Underwatering
July 6, 2022

Dialing in your property’s water use can feel like a lot of guesswork.  Water too little, and your lawn has brown, d […]

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Cuts to Education Funding Affect Far More than Just Classroom Supplies
June 22, 2022

Every year, K-12 schools are underfunded by $150 billion (1). This lack of funding has far-reaching effects on overall […]

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School Underfunding is a Major Problem in the U.S.—Could Water Savings Be the Answer?
June 3, 2022

More than 30 million American school children are deprived of the resources they need to succeed in the classroom. The f […]

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Is Drought-Resistant Landscaping Worth It?
May 10, 2022

This summer, millions of commercial property owners will face the reality of some of the most severe water restriction […]

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The Biggest Water Wasters in Your Home
April 27, 2022

Did you know that the typical family of four uses about 12,000 gallons of water per month? Leaky faucets and toilets and o […]

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How to be More Savvy Environmentally as a Business
April 13, 2022

Now, companies are turning to green initiatives in the workplace more than ever. Not only do these efforts help you save […]

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Looking Outward in 2022
February 24, 2022

It seems to happen every year. People make New Year’s Resolutions that may or may not stick, but these resolutions tend t […]

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Property Managers: Heed These Time-Saving Tips
February 9, 2022

As a property manager, you already know your day-to-day work life can be hectic and stressful. Time seems to fly by, and a […]

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Three Unexpected Benefits of Installing a Smart Home System
January 27, 2022

Have you ever been tucked into bed and ready to fall asleep only to realize that you forgot to lock the front door? Or turn o […]

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Why “Going Green” Isn’t Going Away
December 22, 2021

It’s hard to predict the future of real estate. With house prices at an all-time high, it may seem like affordable prices […]

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How Much Water Does Your Yard Really Need?
November 10, 2021

It can be difficult to know how much to water your lawn and outdoor plants, and when to water. Too little water can damage y […]

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Is Your Lawn and Garden Ready for Winter?
October 27, 2021

The days are growing shorter and the nights are getting colder. It’s time to prepare your lawn and garden for the winter m […]

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How Smart Rain is the Smart Solution for Commercial Properties
September 23, 2021

With news of droughts and fires dominating the headlines, it seems water conservation is a hot topic. If you’re a landlo […]

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Energy Benchmarking and You
September 9, 2021

What exactly is energy benchmarking? Simply put, energy benchmarking is a way of measuring how your properties use the […]

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Helpful Hints on How to Pick the Right Trees for Your Yard
August 25, 2021

When you add a tree to your property, you not only increase its value and add beauty to the landscape — you leave a legacy. B […]

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Water-Wise Commercial Lawn Maintenance Strategies for Green, Hydrated Grass
August 3, 2021

High temperatures and drought have gripped the SLC area yet again this summer, leaving some landscapes parched and dri […]

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Four Reasons Landlords Should Invest in Water Conservation Fixtures
August 3, 2021

Being a landlord is a tough job. You have so much responsibility that the last thing you want to worry about is water waste […]

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Greener Grass Means a Greener Planet
July 14, 2021

Now, more than ever, water conservation is critical. Not only can it help the environment, it can also save money for the […]

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Watch Out for These Water Wasters in Your Home
June 10, 2021

Do you ever get your water bill and wonder how on Earth you and your family can use so much water in just one month? Many fami […]

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The Benefits of an Energy Audit
April 14, 2021

When you think about it, we often associate audits with bad things, such as an unwanted registered letter from the IRS. H […]

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This Spring, Make Your Home More Sustainable
March 24, 2021

Is it spring yet? No, it most decidedly is not. But that doesn’t mean it’s not time to think about what you’re going to do di […]

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Attracting Renters with Green Policies
March 10, 2021

Renters in 2021 are very different from how they were just 10 or 20 years ago. In the past, renters concentrated their che […]

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Looking Outward in 2021
January 6, 2021

It seems to happen every year. People make New Year’s Resolutions that may or may not stick, but these resolutions tend t […]

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Protecting Groundwater is Easier than it Sounds
December 7, 2020

It’s the old saying come to life: Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a statement that seems to hold true for many aspects of lif […]

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A Guide to Winter Water Conservation
November 28, 2020

With the onset of fall and winter, our watering use goes down naturally. After all, the garden and lawn each need a lot les […]

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How to Solve Lawn Drainage Problems
November 11, 2020

Do you have spot in your yard that floods every time it rains? Does every storm leave a big puddle in one specific place on y […]

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Thinking About Your Lawn and Garden in the Winter
October 28, 2020

With the days of spring and summer long behind us, it’s easy to forget about our lawns and gardens as the days grow shorter […]

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Caring for Your Lawn in Colder Weather
October 14, 2020

It may not be winter yet, but smart homeowners and business owners know that now is the time to start thinking about your y […]

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Fertilizing Your Lawn is as Easy as 1,2,3
August 27, 2020

When you think about it, lawns and gardens are very different beasts, but each needs regular maintenance to stay health […]

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Determining How Much Water Your Landscape Needs
July 27, 2020

It’s indisputable that your lawn and garden need water to live, but how much is enough, and how much is too much? Too littl […]

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Tips for an Awesome Summer Lawn
July 8, 2020

The neighbor’s yard isn’t the only thing that’s green right now. You probably are too (with envy) that his yard looks so f […]

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Deal with that Parking Strip Once and for All
June 24, 2020

What kind of yard projects are you planning this year? If you begrudgingly said you planned to work on your parking strip […]

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Make the Most of Your Water Budget While Helping the Earth
June 10, 2020

Utah isn’t exactly a soggy state. At its wettest, it’s semi-arid; for the most part, it’s a desert. We’ve talked about wa […]

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How a Water Irrigation System Saves Money for Landlords
May 27, 2020

Being a landlord is a tough job. There are buildings to maintain, rent to collect and problem tenants to deal with at time […]

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A Beautiful and Water-Wise Yard and Garden
April 8, 2020

Spring is officially here. Are you gearing up for the upcoming growing season? Here are some tips for a beautiful and wat […]

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Sell Your Property for More by Going Green
March 25, 2020

Are you thinking of selling your multi-family property in the near future? You may not think that now is the time to make m […]

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The Pros and Cons of Green Retrofitting
March 18, 2020

Not everyone is in the market to build new properties from scratch for their tenants. Often, property owners and manage […]

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Why “Passive” May be Better than “Active” when it Comes to Green Housing
January 22, 2020

Very often in life, we’re told that being passive is wrong. Want to lose weight? Get more active. Want to reach those savi […]

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Smart Rain Announces Acquisition of Weather Reach and Irrisoft, a Campbell Scientific Company
January 15, 2020

Salt Lake City, January 13, 2020—Smart Rain has announced the acquisition of Irrisoft and Weather Reach brands from Ca […]

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How to Save Money and Energy on Your Properties
November 27, 2019

Like any good landlord or property manager, you’re always on the lookout for ways to save energy – and money – wherever yo […]

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How to Build a Superior Property Management Team
October 24, 2019

If you’re going to be a good property manager, you can’t do it alone. You need a solid team in place to help keep units occup […]

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How to Make Your Multi-Family Properties Greener
September 25, 2019

Multi-family properties are a large part of the growing real estate market. And while they can be very valuable for indi […]

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Save Energy on Your Properties this Summer
July 28, 2019

Ah, summertime … and the livin’s easy. Except if you’re a property owner or manager. That’s because energy costs tend to […]

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Is Your Property Green Enough to Attract Renters?
July 24, 2019

These days, many apartment renters expect their units to match their commitment to sustainable living. So in order to r […]

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Smart Rain Launches New iOS and Android Mobile Applications
May 17, 2019

Salt Lake City Utah – Smart Rain is excited to announce the launch of our new IOS and Android mobile applications; a new an […]

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How Good Property Management Saves Energy
March 27, 2019

You want to be the best property manager that you can, but it’s hard. Challenges constantly present themselves – especi […]

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Energy Saving Tips for Real Life
February 13, 2019

The year is young. It’s a great time to set some resolutions in your home that not only help the planet, but save you a load o […]

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Energy Conservation Tips for Cooler Weather
January 23, 2019

Now that the air has turned frosty and the leaves are starting to fall, you’re probably wrapped up in a scarf and warm coat […]

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Keep Your Grass Healthy and Chemical Free
January 9, 2019

Ready to create an outdoor oasis that your kids and pets can safely enjoy? Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to chemical lawn […]

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Don’t Let Energy Benchmarking Break You
December 26, 2018

What is energy benchmarking, and why should you be concerned? Simply put, benchmarking is a way of measuring how your pr […]

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How to Introduce Some Green Ideas in Your Neighborhood
December 12, 2018

You’ve worked hard to live greener at home and at work. You love your neighborhood. Why not combine the two and take some i […]

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Ways Anyone can Conserve Energy
November 28, 2018

Sure, turning off a light or two here and there is nice, but what if you’re looking for bigger ways to lower your propertie […]

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Don’t Contribute to Drought
November 14, 2018

With many parts of the world under drought conditions, it’s important to be thinking, every day, about things you can do […]

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How Property Managers can Make Their Communities Greener
October 24, 2018

You want the property you manage to be the envy of all the others in the neighborhood. Well, one way to make them green is to […]

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Bank More Money for Your Properties with an Energy Audit
September 26, 2018

People usually associate audits with bad things, like an unwanted letter from the IRS. However, there are times when au […]

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How Your High-Rise can Lower its Energy Use
August 22, 2018

You may run a high-rise, but that doesn’t mean your energy costs have to be sky-high as well. There are a few easy ways to lo […]

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Time-Saving Tips for Property Managers
July 25, 2018

As a property manager, your day-to-day work life is probably hectic and stressful. Time seems to fly by, and at the end of […]

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Become a Water Conservation Genius
June 22, 2018

As a property manager, it’s your job to keep your building’s premises attractive and inviting. During the summer month […]

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Smart Rain Wins Best of State
May 25, 2018

Best of State announced Thursday night, May 17th that Smart Rain won the Best of State Statue in the Science and Technolo […]

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NuTerra Saves 23 Million
April 13, 2018

Union Park Center is the premiere property of NuTerra Partners. It is an award winning Class A office park that boasts so […]

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Smart Rain as Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Award Finalist
April 5, 2018

EY Announces Rudy and Jena Larsen of Smart Rain as Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2018 Award finalist in the Utah Region. Keep […]

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Our Tech Talks Big
April 4, 2018

It’s all about software these days and here at Smart Rain there is nothing short of amazing technological advances goin […]

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Zions Bank Saves Millions Using Smart Rain Irrigation System
March 19, 2018

Zions Bank is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by implementing energy saving projects and systems. Among […]

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How can Smart Rain Help You Budget?
February 6, 2018

With water costs constantly rising year over year how do you keep tabs on your water bill? How do you manage and keep track […]

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Dry Winter in Southern Utah
February 6, 2018

Utah’s snow pack is sitting at 8% of normal right now. If you live in Southern Utah you have to go back to ‘old timers’ era to […]

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What Will it Take to Get Utah’s Snow Pack Back on Track?
January 15, 2018

With Utah’s mountains getting no help from Mother Nature to help with the 30-year lowest snow pack, many hope that we can […]

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First and Last Smart Controller
January 3, 2018

Irrigation technology, like all other technology, has evolved and improved over the years. Just like cell phones, tab […]

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Lowest Snow Pack in Utah
January 3, 2018

With Utah dealing with its worst snow pack in 30 years, this starts to raise question on how this will impact us next year. […]

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How Technology and Technology Automation can Impact You
October 27, 2017

As technology automation is continuing to advance at an exponential rate, the advances of said technology are impleme […]

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Technology and Its Impact on Society
October 27, 2017

In the years to come, I feel that technology will make my education even easier because it will help add additional resou […]

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The Many Reasons Your Lawn May be Yellow
October 27, 2017

There are many reasons why grass may look yellow and dry.  First things first, your irrigation system needs to be workin […]

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Tips for Keeping Your Water Use Under Control
October 27, 2017

Experts estimate that 50 percent of the water we use outdoors goes to waste from evaporation, wind, or runoff due to over […]

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Steps to Re-Starting Your Irrigation System
October 27, 2017

When spring arrives, and freezing temperatures cease, it's time to turn on irrigation systems and start watering agai […]

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What it Really Takes to Run a Proper Irrigation System
October 27, 2017

We all want to have a green lawn but do we really know how much water is needed?  It is easy to find ourselves overwate […]

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Ways to Water More Efficiently
October 27, 2017

There are several things you can do to water your property more efficiently. You may think you're already taking the ste […]

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Smart Rain Wins Medals
June 1, 2017

Best of State announced its selection of Smart Rain as a medal winner for Smart Buildings, Environment Impact and Small […]

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Have Your Heard About Our No Upfront Cost Install?
October 30, 2013

So if you haven’t heard for the next 3 months Smart Rain will be offering No Upfront Install Cost. What does this mean for y […]

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St. Clair Square Case Study
August 8, 2013

In May 2013, we began irrigation monitoring at St. Clair Square, Fairview Heights, Ill. Since then we’ve seen a w […]

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IFMA Show Review—Watering System
April 15, 2013

We at Smart Rain just got back from a trip to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) trade show in dow […]

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Smart Controller Conservation of Water
February 19, 2013

Rudy Larsen, Executive Director of Development for Smart Rain teaches us the importance of water conservation and t […]

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Irrigation Monitoring
October 8, 2012

Managing your water resources helps reduce utility costs and avoid wasteful consumption. You can use irrigation syst […]

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