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March 22, 2023

Celebrate World Water Day with a Smart Irrigation System

Today is World Water Day! It's estimated that up to 75% of the Earth's surface is covered in water. Not only is water essential for life, but without it we'd be unable to grow crops or even make a cup of coffee. It's no wonder people say water is one of the most precious resources on Earth—it's life-giving, and we have a responsibility to protect and conserve it.

Celebrate World Water Day

Everyone relies on water to survive but—most days—we take it for granted.

World Water Day has become increasingly important to many in recent years. Companies, nations, and citizens have begun to take action. Governments have begun highlighting existing initiatives or implementing new ones that support their local communities' water needs. They also use this day to increase awareness about water conservation through smart irrigation.

Celebrate World Water Day with Smart Rain

Smart irrigation has become a popular way to conserve water and save money. Smart irrigation works by using sensors that measure soil moisture, temperature, wind speed, rainfall, and other conditions to determine when and how much water plants or lawns need. This helps ensure you have enough water for your plants without contributing to water waste.

World Water Day is an annual observance day on March 22nd that highlights the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. It's a day to appreciate how essential water is in our lives, recognize the global water crisis, and take action to end it. Celebrating World Water Day can help bring attention to this critical issue by raising awareness about the need to conserve and protect our water supply and by inspiring individuals, organizations, and governments to do their part.

By coming together on World Water Day, we can help ensure that everyone has access to clean, safe drinking water now and in the future. Through thoughtful policy decisions, innovative solutions like rainwater harvesting or desalination plants, smarter agricultural practices and more efficient use of precious water resources, we can protect our planet's most valuable asset and work towards a future where everyone has access to this life-sustaining resource.

Celebrating World Water Day is an important step in this journey. By helping spread the word about the need to conserve and protect our water sources, we can take action to build a sustainable future for us all. Let's celebrate World Water Day together!

But not all smart irrigation controllers are the same. When it comes to conserving water, Smart Rain is here to help! Smart Rain's technology has made it simple and easy for businesses to conserve water.

Here at Smart Rain, we provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that allow your business to manage your irrigation water usage.

At Smart Rain, we design our products with conservation and money savings in mind. Sharpen your decision making by using data to know the precise amount of water your business needs. With Smart Rain, you can track and optimize your water from your phone, helping you reduce operational costs and saving you time, money, and—most importantly—water!

A commonly overlooked aspect of water conservation is water pollution. Our smart irrigation technology helps reduce water pollution and avoid water runoff. Extra water flowing off lawns often carries fertilizer and other pollutants from streets and runs into storm drains. Smart Rain can help reduce your environmental footprint by protecting ecosystems and wildlife.

We can all do our part. On this World Water Day, we celebrate the importance of fresh, clean, and safe water. Just don't forget about water the rest of the year. Make World Water Day more than just a single day—let’s make every day World Water Day!

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