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November 28, 2018

Ways Anyone can Conserve Energy

Sure, turning off a light or two here and there is nice, but what if you’re looking for bigger ways to lower your properties’ energy costs? Here are a few methods of doing just that by looking at the bigger picture.

Get Your Staff Involved

Training and educating staff on ways to conserve energy should be a mandatory part of every property manager’s conservation approach. So pencil in some time in the break room, spring for a few boxes of donuts and let your people know when to be there.

Get Residents Involved

It’s not only staff who needs to know how to conserve your properties’ energy. Residents are often in the dark about which methods to use as well. Consider having them create an energy committee that regularly identifies how to lower energy cost and use.

Be Proactive To Conserve

Don’t just wait for opportunities to conserve energy and its attendant costs – seek them out. Determine if utility rates can be negotiated, or if bulk purchasing would help reduce waste produced by your properties.

Conserve time, money, energy, and water

Put Systems In Place

Instead of constantly monitoring individual sprinklers, let Smart Rain’s cutting-edge irrigation system save you millions of gallons of water, just like it’s done for other properties. Contact us today to see how!

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