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August 10, 2022

Smart Rain Kicks Off $213 Million Smart Kids™ Campaign

August 10th, 2022, Ogden, Utah— During a press conference at Liberty Elementary in Ogden, Utah, Smart Rain announced its Smart Rain for Smart Kids campaign that helps underfunded schools.

Attended by community members, Ogden school district staff, Superintendent Luke Rassmussen, and various press agencies—there was an energy of excitement for the opportunities that will become available through Smart Rain's donation of over 200 million dollars in irrigation technology to 100,000 underfunded schools across America. 

Help Given to Underfunded Schools

The Smart Rain Foundation Director, Julie Larsen, led the conference by speaking of the foundation's bold initiative to help not one but two pressing issues—underfunded schools and water conservation. 

Smart Rain Program Director donates to underfunded schools

Julie mentioned, "The reason we're giving it is because we care about one of our most precious resources—our kids. Another precious resource is, of course, water." 

Ogden is one of many participating underfunded school districts across the country that will receive smart irrigation controllers to provide 24/7 water management for underfunded schools. It's estimated this will save schools up to $7,569 per year on their water bill. The donation includes working with schools to set up a plan where those savings go right back where it's needed most—the classrooms. Julie continued, "that's not just one year; that's every year..."

"We will be well ahead of the game when water restrictions take place."

Ogden Superintendent Luke Rasmussen

Next, Ogden Superintendent Luke Rasmussen took the opportunity to thank the Smart Rain Foundation for the generous donation and for helping the newly built school achieve a more environmentally-conscious campus. Rassmussen then remarked, "We will be well ahead of the game when water restrictions take place," acknowledging the severe drought conditions the state of Utah is currently experiencing.

Next to speak was the president of Smart Rain, Dan Hymas, who reiterated, "We are passionate about a few things; one of those, of course, is water conservation; another thing we are passionate about is the future and the education of the children in our communities."

Smart Rain foundation members donate to underfunded schools

Dan then proceeded to present the Ogden school district with an additional donation of $10,000, which came as a surprise and was immensely appreciated.

The event was held on an overcast morning with rain forecasted. Ending just as raindrops began to fall, the school facility managers were alerted by the smart irrigation controller that the forecasted rain suspended the school's scheduled watering, doing precisely what it was designed to do—conserve water and save (Liberty Elementary School) money.

Smart Rain Employee explaining how their donation will help underfunded schools

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