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June 10, 2020

Efficient Water Budget To Help the Earth '23

Utah isn’t exactly a soggy state. At its wettest, it’s semi-arid; for the most part, it’s a desert. We’ve talked about water budget in the past, but the topic seems especially relevant as news that the west may be experiencing its worst drought in a millennium as we speak.

With precipitation being fairly unpredictable, efficient watering becomes all the more important to keeping your landscape alive and kicking for a new year of watering.

According to the Utah State University Extension, our state is the second highest consumer of water per capita at around 240 gallons per person, per day. Though not all of that H2O is going into lawns and landscapes, the university extension estimates two-thirds of the drinkable water consumed annually in Utah is going into the green spaces of homeowners.

Further, the extension states, those homeowners are using about twice as much water in their landscaping than is actually necessary.

Doing the best with your water budget

Water Budget Ways

The concept of wasted water is important in a dry state such as ours, and a well-maintained irrigation system can go a long way in saving some gallons. Beyond the equipment itself, there are certain ways to use irrigation to maximize its effects and minimize wasted water.

Be mindful of the weather and don’t be afraid to turn off your sprinklers when rain or snow is on the way.

Keep an eye out for water running off your lawn; if the ground isn’t absorbing the excess water, you may be overwatering or have overly compacted soil. When temperatures do eventually dip, water your lawn as needed in the warmest part of the day — avoid watering when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. Use the water from your water budget to water before the sun rises, as the evening is setting for best absorption with the least amount of evaporation.

Our smart irrigation controllers do all the work for you. After all, they have brains of their own! As you look for systems that water intelligently, you’re making a commitment to doing water budget and management the right way because you’re protecting resources and eliminating wasteful practices from your approach to lawn care.

Get in touch with us today to see how Smart Rain water irrigation management systems can help you be an excellent steward of the earth.

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