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December 5, 2023

What is EPA WaterSense certification?

When it comes to conservation in business, it’s a no-brainer. Companies know that waste costs them money. Entire internal departments are often dedicated to cutting costs. When companies create a product that is dedicated to conservation, it’s important that the product offering actually conserves. Otherwise, you are lying to your consumers!  That's where EPA WaterSense comes in.

In the realm of water conservation, Smart Rain creates products that reduce water use. Smart Rain stands behind its products and believes that we can significantly reduce the water waste that many commercial properties inevitably produce. Smart Rain not only believes in our technology, but we also put it to the test. 

How does the WaterSense program work?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a partnership program called WaterSense. WaterSense is a voluntary partnership program sponsored by the EPA that is designed to promote water efficiency and conservation. The program works with manufacturers, retailers, community organizations and other stakeholders to bring water-efficient products such as toilets, faucets, showerheads, and irrigation systems to the market.  

But why is WaterSense important? WaterSense helps consumers identify water-efficient products by labeling them with the WaterSense label. By choosing these efficient products, consumers can save water, energy and money without sacrificing performance. It also helps reduce stress on water resources and infrastructure, ensuring that future generations will have access to clean and safe water. 

Now the important question:  

How did Smart Rain’s SmartControllers become EPA WaterSense Certified?  

EPA standards aren’t easy to meet. When we submit our SmartControllers, we must include the actual product, data associated with the product, installation information, and several other data points that are relevant to the product being tested. The EPA wants to ensure that our product is living up to what we are advertising. The EPA doesn’t want to put their stamp of approval on just anything passing through their testing facilities. This means rigorous testing and standards.  

Next, Smart Rain paid for the testing of our SmartControllers in an independent laboratory. This is a third party laboratory that is in full compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 17025, which just means that they follow the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. These laboratories must also be accredited by the International Accreditation Service in order to perform these tests.  

The EPA also accepts testing that comes from nonaccredited laboratories or from the manufactures, but the testing of the product still needs to be under the supervision of an accredited laboratory. As you can see, the testing of these products isn’t biased or skewed by any business but follows scientific integrity. And even after the product has been tested, there may still be requirements that the company may need to follow, at the request of third party organizations.  

The tests used our SmartController to see how much water was wasted in the irrigation process. The test covered six irrigation zones, with each zone monitoring how much water was wasted. For the certification, there was allowed a 10% water waste in order to pass. In each of the six zones, the SmartController allowed 0% waste! This means that the SmartController performed well above the requirements to receive the EPA WaterSense Certification.  

SmartController and iPad. The SmartController is EPA WaterSense Certified.

Now What?  

So why is it important for your Smart Rain SmartController to have this certification? Well, for one, it means you can trust that your irrigation system is using water wisely. With a certified controller, you can have peace of mind knowing that it meets the highest standards for efficiency. 

But the benefits don't just stop at being environmentally friendly. Having a WaterSense Certified SmartController may also lead to cost savings for you. By using less water, you will inevitably save on your water bill. Plus, some states offer rebates for purchasing WaterSense Certified products, so you may even get money back in your pocket. 

Still not convinced? How about this - having a WaterSense Certified SmartController could also increase the value of your property. With an increasing focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, potential buyers will see this as a bonus when considering your property. 

Being EPA WaterSense Certified is not just about saving water. It also means that our SmartControllers are equipped with advanced features such as weather-based irrigation, soil moisture sensors, and remote-control capabilities. This allows for precise and efficient watering, ensuring that landscapes receive the right amount of water at the right time. 

Mission of Smart Rain 

As Smart Rain continues to revolutionize the irrigation industry, we remain committed to our mission of providing smart, sustainable solutions for water conservation. Not only are we dedicated to conserving our planet's most precious resource, but we also strive to make a positive impact on the environment by promoting eco-friendly practices. 

The WaterSense Certification granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recognized our company for meeting the strict criteria for water efficiency and performance. By achieving this certification, we demonstrate our commitment to promoting responsible water management practices and encouraging others to do the same. 

But our mission goes beyond just obtaining certifications. At its core, Smart Rain's goal is to educate and inform individuals and businesses about the importance of water conservation. By utilizing advanced technology and data-driven solutions, we are able to help customers better understand their irrigation needs and make informed decisions on how to best manage their water usage. 

In conclusion, Smart Rain is a company with a mission. With our innovative products and services, we are leading the way in sustainable water management and promoting a more environmentally conscious mindset. As a business wanting to make a positive impact on the environment, Smart Rain is here to help you do just that. Remember, every drop counts - and with Smart Rain's expertise and commitment, we can all work towards a greener future together! 

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