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January 31, 2024

Commercial Landscape Design Trends of 2024

Are you looking for commercial landscape ideas for 2024? You’ve come to the right place. Smart Rain has put together some of the most practical and trendy landscaping design ideas for 2024. 

Whether your commercial property is small or large, there’s always room to make your commercial landscape a little more appealing to your customers, and even your shareholders! (A little more on that later.) As you're reading these ideas, think of ways you can implement some of them to stand out from your competition.  

Outdoor workspaces 

An outdoor workspace is basically a spot outside the usual office where people can get their work done, team up, or handle work-related stuff. It's become so popular because it gives employees a chance for a change of scenery. Giving your people a different place to work, especially that is outside, is a huge benefit to productivity.  

Consider some of the mental health benefits of outdoor workspaces:  

With the mental health implications on their own, creating an outdoor workspace for your tenants or employees can be a huge benefit.  

Commercial landscape design that can attract more clients and customers.

Landscape Art 

This one may be a little far out for most people. Landscape art is truly to the taste of the facility's owner. Good landscape art will give comfort and excitement to the person who frequents your facility. Bad landscape art can certainly be a distraction from projects if you're not careful. When looking for landscape art, be sure that you are in line with the goals of your tenants and owners, while being visually appealing to your clients and customers. Here’s just some of the different kinds of landscape art that you could choose from: 

Those are just a few of the designs that you could implement into your landscape. But remember, be sure that it aligns with the goal and vision of your facility.  

Smart Irrigation 

Well... We are a smart irrigation company! So many of our customers have already hopped on the trend of smart irrigation. You should too! 

Smart irrigation systems incorporate technology to optimize water usage in outdoor spaces, providing several benefits for both residential and commercial landscapes. Here are some aspects of smart irrigation that were considered part of the landscape design trends: 

Smart irrigation makes your job simple and easy. There’s no need to worry about changes in the environment when watering. No need to worry about wasting water with irrigation. Smart Rain calculates exactly how much water you need. 

It’s becoming very clear that the way we look at facilities in 2024 is changing. We are seeing facilities as agents for a better space. Landscaping is an integral part in making your space memorable for your guests and tenants. Always be looking for improvements, and you certainly won’t regret it.  

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