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October 24, 2019

How to Build a Superior Property Management Team

If you’re going to be a good property manager, you can’t do it alone. You need a solid team in place to help keep units occupied and tenants happy. Here’s how assemble your go-to crew.

Start Off Strong, With A Great Property Management Team

Once the hiring is done, the hard part is over, right? Well, not exactly. Now comes the critical onboarding and training process. You want to get newcomers over that steep learning curve by making yourself and senior staff readily available to answer their questions. Implement a continuous training protocol for your property management team and have them regularly rotate trade teaching.

Motivate the right way

You want a positive workplace culture that staff will relish. In order to do that, provide incentives for superior performance. Get to know your new hires – and you’ll learn what kind of “carrot” they need to go above and beyond the call of duty.

property management team

Carry through your commitment

Finally, make sure your team members know how committed you are to keeping properties environmentally-friendly. For example, teach them the quick, easy methods of green irrigation by companies like Smart Rain. With our mobile applications, your property management team can make super fast changes to lawn watering, garden maintenance and more.

Also, being involved in water conservation through the use of a smart irrigation controller qualifies you for more federal tax credits. Check it out here.

Smart Rain is as passionate about going green as you are. Talk to us today to learn more about the most technologically-advanced irrigation techniques!

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