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December 11, 2023

Best Irrigation Soil Moisture Sensors of 2024

Here's the best irrigation soil moisture sensors of 2024:

Soil Moisture SensorSmart Rain  
Rain Bird 
Baseline biSensor 
Smart Wireless Soil Sensor 
Wireless Range Up to 1 MileN/AN/AN/A245 ft.
Dual Moisture Sensor 
Temperature Gauge 
Depletion Calculator 
pH Monitor 

Soil moisture sensors for your soil are widely available. The basic concept of a soil moisture sensor is to measure the amount of moisture in your soil. Once the soil moisture sensor has a reading on the moisture levels in your soil, it will send those readings to you through your controller or some other reporting module. Some soil moisture sensors will work with your irrigation system to automatically shut off the system, while others work independently of your irrigation system.  

This article is looking at sensors from leading brands that (theoretically) are supposed to work with your full irrigation system. Some of these sensors are meant for commercial use only, and some are used for both commercial and residential use. We will clarify that in this article in order to inform you of the best irrigation soil moisture sensors. See our rankings below for the most in-depth coverage of the best irrigation soil moisture sensors. 


Smart Rain SoilSensor®

In 2023, Smart Rain announced the launch of their NEW Smart Rain SoilSensor. This sensor is meant to make smart irrigation more accurate and efficient. After all, Smart Rain makes the best smart irrigation controller in the irrigation market with their SmartController. Smart Rain makes irrigation products exclusively for commercial properties. The SoilSensor is no different. Here are the stats for the SoilSensor:  

*must have a Smart Rain SmartController. 


Rain Bird SMRT-Y 

The main idea of the Rain Bird SMRT-Y is that of any other soil moisture sensor. The sensor is a very simple sensor that doesn’t have some of the benefits of others. But with some work (and a lot of trial and error) it may be able to work for you. Here’s what you need to know.  



The Hunter SOIL-CLIK is very similar in function to the Rain Bird SMRT-Y. With this similarity, there are some things to consider:  


Hydropoint Baseline biSensor 

The Hydropoint Baseline biSensor is one of the more popular offerings for soil moisture sensors on the market. It does have many more features than the Rain Bird SMRT-Y and the Hunter SOIL-CLIK, but not as many features as the Smart Rain SoilSensor. Here’s an overview:  


MOEN Smart Wireless Soil Sensor 

MOEN Smart Wireless Soil Sensor is probably the most advanced soil moisture sensor behind the Smart Rain SoilSensor. There are some downsides. The MOEN Smart Wireless Soil Sensor is meant for residential properties as opposed to commercial use, which may draw some users away from the product. Here’s how MOEN Smart Wireless Soil Sensor measures up:  

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