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December 7, 2022 |

Nampa School District Saves Water For Our Kids

How is the Nampa School District leading the way in water conservation? Smart Rain for Smart Kids school donations is proud to announce our partnership with Nampa School District with the shared goal of maintaining responsible water conservation. To help Nampa School District combat the drought Smart Rain for Smart Kids is donating 50 Smart Rain controllers.


Source: Idaho News 6. Original video located here.

Smart Rain Giving School Donations

The Smart Rain for Smart Kids gives school donations of SmartControllers™ during a critical time as the entire state of Idaho battles drought. This program is available to any public school K–12 in America. “The other thing that we’re really looking at our district to do, is being a highly-reliable district and really looking at data and information to make sure we’re operating as efficiently as we can. That’s what’s so exciting about Smart Rain is that it gives us the opportunity to look and see if we’re doing the best that we can,” said Nampa School Director Gregg Russell.

Smart rain giving a school donations

The Nampa School District knew there had to be a different way—a better way. With the drought raging on in the west, Smart Rain wants to make sure we’re doing our part in the fight. Julie Larsen, Smart Rain Foundation Director, said, “We’re literally giving away to school districts irrigation controllers. We have committed to giving away $213 million worth of Smart Rain controllers to school districts.” On average that is $7,569 per school that can be reinvested back into our children. Click here to learn more about Smart Rain for Smart Kids.

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