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December 7, 2022 |

The New Lite Controller Proves Good Things Come in Small Packages

This compact smart sprinkler controller makes smart irrigation more accessible than ever to small commercial properties.

CENTERVILLE, UTAH — Today at the Irrigation Association Conference, Smart Rain™ debuted Lite, a new generation of their traditional smart irrigation control system. Lite combines the luxury of a high-end commercial watering management product into a densely packed lite version. What truly sets the Lite system apart is its limited number of zones, making it an ideal fit for property owners who just need to manage 16 zones or less. It is also EPA Watersense approved.

Same Trusted Features for Your Zone Needs

smart sprinkler smart controller lite

In the development of the Lite controller, Smart Rain™ didn’t skimp on the smart sprinkler water-saving features that their customers know and love, including:

Next-Gen Improvements for Smart Sprinklers

In addition to the tried-and-true innovative irrigation features, Smart Rain™ also built in some impressive upgrades.

Who is the Lite Ideal for?

In the past, smart sprinkler control systems were limited to the residential sphere and massive commercial properties like campuses, colleges, cities, and parks.  Now, with the introduction of Lite, smaller businesses have a controller better suited to their property size.

“[Lite] targets smaller business owners, people with a nice green strip in front of their property and a couple of planters. They know that they want to save water; they know they want to make a bigger impact in the drought. Lite meets needs for their load and low zone demand.”

— Grant Hagen, Smart Rain Engineer

Lite will be available starting summer of 2023. For more information on Lite and how it can benefit your commercial property, visit /products/smartcontroller-lite/

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