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July 6, 2022

SmartWeather™: The Cure for Overwatering

Dialing in your property’s water use can feel like a lot of guesswork. Underwatering can cause your lawn to be brown and have dead patches that are hard to revive. But, on the other hand, overwatering can cost you unnecessary money, time, and water.

However, did you know that you can water just the right amount with Smart Rain’s AI SmartWeather™ system?

This blog will delve into how the SmartWeather™ feature works and how it has saved properties hundreds in gallons and dollars. Overwatering can be very dangerous to your property and it's important that you keep from making that mistake by using SmartWeather™ from Smart Rain.

A lawn that may be suffering from overwatering

What Is SmartWeather™ and Does It Prevent Overwatering?

With over 20 years of field testing, Smart Rain's proprietary evapotranspiration (ET) smart formula is our secret sauce in our SmartWeather™ cloud-based software that ensures you get the proper amount of water on your landscape. Evapotranspiration is water evaporation from the soil and other surfaces and transpiration from plants.

The software uses localized ET and predictive weather data to calculate exactly when—and how much—to water.  Smart Rain can get the most accurate information to know how much moisture your landscape needs by combining these two data points and save you from overwatering your property.

SmartWeather™ can also get as granular as a watering zone.  Did one section of your property lose less water due to evapotranspiration?  No worries!  Smart Rain’s system will adjust the amount of water given to that specific area so that it’s getting exactly what it needs!

In addition, Smart Rain provides additional weather data about overwatering and includes features, including:

How Do I Use SmartWeather™?  

After installing the Smart Rain system, the SmartWeather™ feature runs independently—no need for manual tweaking and adjusting. Property owners can view weather, ET, and water savings data from their phones or other smart devices.

SmartWeather™ Success Story  

One of our Smart Rain clients, Brandon Wilde, recently saw significant success with the SmartWeather™ feature. As the owner of a 50-acre Senior Living Life Care Community in Evans, Georgia, Wilde knew it needed to cut back on water spending. Before Smart Rain, the property averaged over 13 million gallons of water per year, spending over $30K.

After one year of using Smart Rain’s technology, Wilde saved $6,844 on water and $2,400 on labor.  In addition, the property also saved 3,028,000 gallons of water.  Because of SmartWeather™ technology accurately measuring rainfall and soil moisture, there was a two week period when the property did not need irrigation water. The result was a substantial cost savings, but still kept the landscape green and healthy.

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