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January 16, 2024

Save with Building Rebates: A Complete Guide

In facility management, the primary focus lies in implementing strategic cost-saving measures while aligning these goals with environmentally responsible practices. A noteworthy aspect transforming the landscape for facilities managers is the utilization of Energy Efficiency rebates.  

These incentives, provided by governmental entities, utility stakeholders, prominent programs, and energy service providers, can give a facility a significant financial advantage. They represent an opportunity for substantial cost reduction, enhancing fiscal responsibility, and concurrently contributing to the establishment of eco-friendly facilities. 

Here’s where you can find rebates that apply to you:  

Utility Companies 

Utility companies commonly offer a variety of rebates to encourage customers, including facilities, to adopt energy-efficient practices. The specific rebates can vary by location and utility provider, but here are some common types: 

If you're curious about rebates, visit your local utility company's website or give them a call. They will have all the information needed on rebates – what's happening now, who's eligible, and how they will be available. Customer service is your go-to for all the details on current rebate programs and how to apply. While you're at it, ask about any cool energy-saving programs they've got going on. They might have some hidden gems to help you save on bills. 

Building rebates available for conservation minded businesses

Government Agencies 

Government agencies often provide various rebates and incentives to promote energy-saving initiatives. These programs aim to encourage individuals, businesses, and facilities to adopt energy-efficient practices. Here are some common types of energy-saving rebates offered by government agencies: 

If you're on the hunt for energy-saving rebates, start by checking out the websites of your local government agencies – federal, state, and local levels have you covered. They keep you informed on what programs are happening, who can get in on the action, and how to get involved.  

Nonprofit Organizations 

While non-profit organizations typically don't directly provide rebates, some may offer grants, financial assistance, or support for energy-saving initiatives. These organizations are often focused on promoting sustainability and environmental conservation. Here are a few ways non-profits may contribute to energy-saving efforts: 

To identify non-profit organizations supporting energy-saving initiatives in a specific area, it's recommended to explore local environmental groups, sustainability organizations, or foundations dedicated to promoting green practices. These organizations can provide information on available grants, programs, and resources for those interested in energy conservation. 

Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) 

Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) typically do not offer rebates directly. Instead, ESCOs specialize in providing energy efficiency services and solutions to help clients reduce energy consumption and costs. While they may not offer rebates themselves, they can assist clients in identifying and accessing available rebates and incentives from other sources. 

ESCOs play a key role in implementing energy-saving measures, such as upgrading lighting systems, improving HVAC efficiency, and optimizing building controls. As part of their services, they may help clients navigate the complex landscape of energy efficiency incentives and rebates. 

Here's how ESCOs can be involved in the rebate process: 

While ESCOs themselves don't typically offer rebates, their expertise can be valuable in maximizing the benefits of available incentives for clients seeking to improve energy efficiency in their facilities. Clients should work closely with ESCOs to explore all potential avenues for cost savings and incentives. 


It’s a no-brainer! Rebates and incentives for energy efficiency are easy and save you money! There’s no reason to delay contacting your local energy providers or non-profit organizations that offer incentives. This is just a small part of what you can do to help enrich and protect our environment. Plus, there is a financial benefit. Contact one of these organizations today to start saving! 

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