We’re helping shrink the education funding gap by donating $213 million in SmartControllers™ to schools all across America. You can help by spreading the message.
July 29, 2022

Companies That Donate to Schools: Smart Rain

Smart Rain is a smart irrigation technology company. We are among many companies that donate to schools. We're also a charitable organization focused on improving lives through wise water consumption and conservation. We truly believe in saving water. Water conservation means saving money, and who doesn't want some extra cash in their pocket? This summer, we're creating an initiative for greener landscapes and greenbacks for those who matter most to us: children. The Smart Rain Foundation's first initiative is aimed at helping kids succeed in education.

The Problem:

The United States has a 150 billion-dollar funding gap for education. As a result, kids are going hungry over the weekend, and our young people are suffering from a mental health crisis. Suicide rates are on the rise, and even our teachers are struggling with anxiety and mental health issues.

Companies That Donate to Schools: Smart Rain for Smart Kids™

We are committed to helping a hundred thousand schools, and we will donate $213 million to schools that will help schools save water and give more money back to kids.

Our donation to schools will come in the form of smart irrigation controllers. These controllers will provide 24/7 water management for school properties. They can monitor environmental conditions and ensure grass and landscaping receive the right amount of water each day. Our commercial smart irrigation systems allow schools to keep their property green while saving money and conserving water. Smart Rain is just one of many companies that donate to schools, and they could use a lot more funding.

Smart rain giving a school donations which is just one of many companies that donates to schools

One organization that we worked with was Nampa School District in Idaho, who saw much success with the program that Smart Rain laid out. We estimate that each controller will save schools $5,700 on average per year on their water bill. Our hope is that schools will use the funds from those savings to help teachers and students. As part of our donation, we work with schools to set up a plan where districts will send those savings right back to the classroom. More companies that donate to schools are seeing the same problem and they are taking action.

Unlike a one-time monetary donation, a smart irrigation controller donation will provide savings that districts can reallocate to students and teachers year after year. It truly is a gift that will keep on giving. Be sure that you are giving your business to companies that donate to schools.

What Can I Do to Be Part of the Solution?

All we ask is that you share this message. Get the word out to teachers, school administrators, and district officials so that they can take advantage of this remarkable opportunity. Visit our Smart Rain Smart Kids™ campaign page on our website to get more information that you can share.

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