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February 6, 2018

Dry Winter in Southern Utah

Utah’s snow pack is sitting at 8% of normal right now. If you live in Southern Utah you have to go back to ‘old timers’ era to even find a year that is as bad of a year as we are having this year when it comes to water levels. The Virgin River is the lifeblood of the community and that water supply is all based on what happens in the winter. We collect the water into our reservoirs as the snow melts in the spring.  Right now, that water supply is looking very very bleak according to Corey Cram the Associate General Manager of the District.

Water users in Washington County will likely live off of reservoir storage through 2018. Washington County district is asking everyone to be more efficient with laundry, dishwashing, toilet flushing and especially sprinklers.

Sand Hollow Reservoir is currently 93 percent full and Quail Creek Reservoir is 67 percent full. These reservoirs will be able to get Washington County through 2018. But what will happen next year or the next year to these reservoirs if we all don’t start to do our part?

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