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February 14, 2024

Basics of Water Waste: Where does it come from?

You’re wasting water, but you probably don’t even know about it. We typically go on with our day without even recognizing that we are wasting such a valuable resource. But you may be asking yourself: 

“Me? I don’t waste water... When have I wasted water?” 

That’s a great question! And we will help you find out! 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much water the average human is wasting:  

In 1 day – 30 Gallons – About a bathtub worth. 

In 2 weeks – 420 Gallons – Enough water to completely fill a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. 

In 3 months – 2,700 Gallons – That much water weighs as much as a semi-truck. 

In 1 year – 10,800 Gallons – We know you’re crying because that’s a lot of water you’ve wasted... But you would have to cry for 97,000 years to cry 10,800 gallons worth of tears. 

And that doesn’t include industrial water waste! 

In all seriousness, water waste is a huge problem, but don’t fret. Smart Rain is here to help you stop wasting water.  

At home and at work, your facilities aren’t as water efficient as they could be. Water monitoring is a hassle, and it takes some serious work to make sure that your water isn’t wasted. Here’s some of the biggest water wasters in your home and business:  

Home Water Wasters

Day-to-day living certainly requires water. We all need that water to function each day, but how much? Are we using too much? We are wasting a lot of the water that comes into our homes. Here are some of the biggest water wasters in your home:

Industrial Building Leakage

Businesses aren’t immune to the water waste. They are actually wasting more water than homes. Corporations take up two-thirds of all the water used, and they are wasting most of that water. Here are some of the biggest culprits:   

Excessive Irrigation Watering 

Landscaping for commercial properties is becoming a big issue in water wasting. t’s much harder to save water when you have big industrial complexes and properties. Here’s some of the bigger water wasters to keep your eyes on:   

Poor Water Management Practices

Another wasteful practice that people don’t often think about is their own water management practices. These often could preemptively stop water waste. Here’s some of the biggest issues with water management:   

Solutions to Your Waste Water

Here’s some tips for you to stop your water waste:

WaterSense Certified Appliances: In your home, be sure that you are using appliances that are EPA WaterSense certified. These products go through "independent third parties follow testing and certification protocols” to ensure that they are saving water. This is an easy step that could save thousands of gallons of water in your home. 

Regular Maintenance and Leak Detection: Work with a local plumber, landscaper, or irrigation expert. Conduct regular inspections of plumbing systems, irrigation systems, and industrial equipment to detect and repair leaks promptly. Implement water metering and monitoring systems to identify abnormal usage patterns. 

Use Smart Rain: Smart Rain allows you to put irrigation water wasting behind you. Smart Rain is EPA WaterSense Certified and proven to conserve water on your commercial property. A typical customer saves 7 million gallons of water and 30% on their water bill.  

Now that you know where to look for water waste, and you are armed with solutions, you can tackle the water waste problem head on. 

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