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January 3, 2018

1 st and Last Commercial Irrigation Smart Controller

Irrigation technology, like all other technology, has evolved and improved over the years. Just like cell phones, tablets and cars, the new strides in “smart” technology have overtaken the market, and have become the new standard in all industries, including landscape irrigation. There are many different options of “smart” controllers.

With how much commercial irrigation has changed over the last few years it will only continue to change. With that change other smart irrigation controllers will make you upgrade and purchase new products for the latest advances in technology.

With Smart Rain you always get the best and most up to date product available allowing you to have the best technology at your fingertips forever.

5 reasons Smart Rain Commercial Irrigation will be the last controller you will ever buy.

  1. Unlimited Updates- Smart Rain’s commercial irrigation controller gives the ability to progress into the future, where other’s make you purchase their newest and latest upgrades. Smart Rains service plan allows you to upgrade hardware, software and firmware at no additional cost.
  2. User Experience- Don’t speak fluent irrigation tech talk, no worries we give you the best and user-friendly dashboard on the market! All specific site configuration are provided by our experienced staff.
  3. Wifi and Cellular Communication Options – Smart rain has you covered for all ways of communication and more. Our controllers even come standard with Wifi, Cellular, Bluetooth, and Zigbee communication platforms.
  4. Expansion – Smart Rain gives you options for expansions for adding more zones or being able to tether multiple controllers together giving you unlimited capabilities.
  5. Full Service Activation- We provide for you a full service install and audit by our trained professional with the purchase of your controller. Other smart controllers make you do it yourself or pay someone else to install it adding to the cost of your purchase.
The Smart Rain App with the commercial irrigation smart controller lite

So, what’s next on the horizon for new smart rain commercial irrigation management technologies, everything! Smart Rain allows you to have a worry free, up to date water management platform that will take you into the future.

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