See how smart irrigation can impact your school.

We're ready to share how our SmartController can save you money and water annually. Allow us to provide a water bill audit, showing how our system will also save you time.

Put money back into the classroom.

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Reallocate the savings

Smart Rain has proven to save 35-50% in water waste. That is about $7,569 on average per school that can be reinvested back into our children. More than $500 million nationwide year over year. Now that is some money to reallocate to improve the lives and education of the kids.
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Funding gap (Total)
< 0
0 to $5M
$5M to $50M
$50M to $100M
> $100M
Source: The Century Foundation, 2020

Schools are underfunded

The United States is failing in its commitment to provide equal education opportunity and the educational funding gap is only widening.
  • $13,679 average annual cost per student
  • $150 billion underfunded annually
  • 58% of states are underfunded year after year


million students in America go hungry every year


of educators across the nation are stressed


9th–12th graders in the U.S. attempt suicide daily

Free SmartController™

We will be donating our award winning smart irrigation controller to every school in America. This is a $213 million donation that will kick start annual water cost savings. This is a program that will begin to close the education funding gap to provide the resources our children need in the schools. This program is worth a conversation. One of our team members would love to explain more about this offer.
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About Smart Rain

Smart Rain was founded with the mission to conserve water and save time and money on water usage. Our commercial irrigation technology can transform water management for schools. Since founding our company over a decade ago, our innovation has saved customers millions in water bills, more than billion gallons of water, and hundreds of thousands of hours in labor.
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