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July 25, 2018

Time-Saving Tips for Property Managers

As a property manager, your day-to-day work life is probably hectic and stressful. Time seems to fly by, and at the end of the day, you haven’t gotten anything done. Below are a few time-saving tips that will make your life easier.

One resident at a time

Resident interruptions are a major part of the job for any property manager. How can you be expected to handle one resident’s issues if another one keeps disrupting the process? But there are ways to cope. Unless it’s an emergency, tell the second resident you’ll get back to them. Take care of the first resident’s issue, then go on to the next one.

When residents keep calling

Some residents can be very persistent in calling or stopping by the property manager’s office over and over. Not only is this a form of interruption, it’s a drain on your energy and time. However, you can set up a system with this resident in the event they continue to have issues. The system may involve not calling or coming to the office more than once a day, for instance.

Use time-saving technology

Technology can definitely save you time by automating many of your daily tasks. Imagine if dealing with the water system could be taken care of just by touching a few buttons. Or monitoring it meant merely looking at your computer screen. Technology can make these time-saving tricks a reality.

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