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Our Approach

SmartController Original™

Our Smart Controller gives you accurate weather measurements for optimal water and cost savings.

Solving Problems

We help detect and solve problems with your irrigation system, even before a complaint comes into your office.

Saving Water

Our customers are saving billions in fresh water with our Smart Controller technology!

Conserve Water

We were highlighted by Utah Business for "Utah's Sustainable Business Awards."

How It Works

Smart Rains controller and technology is an awesome way to help reduce wasted water, money and time.

What People Are Saying

Justin Brewer

Justin Brewer from PEG Companies shares his experience using Smart Rain smart irrigation system.

John Mullgrav

John Mullgrav with Piedmont Landscaping shares his appreciate for Smart Rain.

Richie Harman

Richie Harman with Western Management Associates shares his story with Smart Rain smart irrigation.

Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson with Mecca Property Management shares his 7 plus years experience with Smart Rain.

Darren Kovacs

Darren Kovacs from Exact ET shares his experience with Smart Rain.

Joe Gutierrez

Smart Rain makes the engineers lives so much easier with minimal tenant interruptions.

Isaac Doman

Helping landscaping companies shine above their competition by helping their property managers look good to the owners.

Craig Cardall

We bring value to Craig's business objectives and his property owners.

Nate Thompson

This diverse 40 acre corporate campus was no problem for us as we collaborated with Nate to keep him a property tenants proud of their surroundings.

Marc Brown

A 150 room hotel that sits on a 4 acre lot, and irrigation needs to be the least of his worries, and now it is.

Jill Richardson

Jill Richardson shares her story about Smart Rain and how it has saved her properties a lot of unnecessary expense and how quickly she saw her ROI.

Matt Coulam

We have saved Matt's multiple facilities gallons of water and piles of money.

Matt Leishman

Having multiple sites tied into Smart Rain technology gives Matt the control he and the property tenants need.


Clean The Irrigation Line Filter

This video explains how to clean an irrigation line filter. Your system can be prevented from working correctly if there is a clogged filter which in turn can create dry spots.

Replace A Broken Sprinkler Head

This video explains in detail how to replace a broken sprinkler head on your property.

Install A SmartController™

This how to video examples the step by step process of installing a Smart Rain controller.

Adjust A Rotor Sprinkler Head

How to video on how to adjust a rotor sprinkler head.

Save Millions Of Gallons Of Water

Our system can help you save millions of gallons of water and thousands of dollars on water bills every single year.

Clean A Clogged Nozzle

Easy on location and at the problem sprinkler head to adjust and turn on zones without running back and forth to valves or timers to fix a simple clogged nozzle.

Commercial Property Irrigation System

Walk with us as we teach about the different parts of a commercial irrigation system.

Irrigation Line Breaks

See how to fix two different types of irrigation line breaks.

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