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November 20, 2023

Best Kept Secret: Smart Rain Helps School Funding

School funding is hard to come by. The fact of the matter is that funding education is expensive. And when I say expensive, I mean REALLY expensive. It's not just about paying teachers and buying textbooks - there are also costs for building maintenance, technology upgrades, school buses, and the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that schools have to compete with other government departments for their share of the budget. 

Despite the constant need for more funding, schools are often operating on shoestring budgets. And that's not because they're being stingy with their money - it's simply because there isn't enough to go around. This results in overcrowded classrooms, outdated resources, and overworked teachers who have to dig into their own pockets just to make ends meet. 

And let's not forget about the politics involved. School funding is a highly politicized issue, with politicians from different parties constantly butting heads over how much money should go towards education. It becomes less about what's best for students and more about scoring political points. 

But fear not! With Smart Rain for Smart Kids, we have found a fun and innovative way to put money back into the schools and help property managers irrigate more efficiently.  

Smart Rain for Smart Kids helps fund schools!

What is Smart Rain for Smart Kids? 

We have hit a critical level of drought conditions in the U.S., and it is not improving. Schools and other large properties are on average overwatering by 50%, speeding up drought implications on public health. If status quo continues we will be faced with compromised quantity and quality of drinking water, diminishing air quality, worsened living conditions related to energy, negative mental health effects, compromised food and nutrition, and increased incidence of illness and disease. 

Smart Rain for Smart Kids is an initiative that puts the power of smart irrigation into the hands of schools for FREE. By putting the SmartControllers in participating schools, they can monitor irrigation, weather, soil moisture levels, evapotranspiration, and many more data points that can help reduce waste, saving schools time, water, and money.  

The hope of Smart Rain is that these donated SmartControllers will help schools mitigate the problems that are plaguing communities due to worsening drought conditions.  

How does it work? 

Next comes the hard part: finding schools that would like to participate in this program. If you oversee your school's irrigation, partnering with Smart Rain is easy. Click here to connect with us to start the process. If you are a school administrator that wants your school to be a part of this program, click here to refer your school or district, and we will reach out to them for you.  

But how does it help fund schools? 

When you save water, you are also lowering water bills. Smart Rain understands the work that goes into educating students. It’s not an overnight process. And it certainly is not cheap to provide children with the proper education that they need. The money that is saved from the Smart Rain SmartControllers will be able to be directly used for whatever a school needs to educate children.  

Increase School Funding for Your School! 

Now that you know all about Smart Rain for Smart Kids, why not get your child's school involved? Not only will it benefit the school, but it will also help promote a beautiful environment. Let's work together to fund our schools and beautify our communities. Remember, every drop counts! So, let's conserve water the smart way with Smart Rain for Smart Kids. Get involved and see the positive impact it can have on your child's education and our environment.  

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