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April 17, 2023

2023 Money Saving Idea: Switch to Smart Rain

Here's a quick money saving idea: your sprinkler system is losing money for your business. Plain and simple. It's wasting your time, money, and water. When you run a business, all these things are valuable and in short supply. 

Smart Rain is obviously in the irrigation business, but we are also in the business of helping your company save money. Smart Rain has to pay the bills just like your company does. We balance our budget and look to cut costs just like you. Trust us when we say this: your sprinkler system is destroying your business. (Unless you have Smart Rain, of course.)

Using a Smart Rain smart irrigation controller is a great money saving idea. Not only does it provide an efficient way to water your lawn or garden, but it also helps you save on water costs. Without a smart irrigation controller, you can easily waste up to 20 gallons of water per hour due to overwatering and poor scheduling.

Overwatering can cause soil erosion and lead to higher water bills. Using a Smart Rain system, however, ensures that you are using the optimal amount of water for each area of your yard or garden, a money saving idea you can count on in the long run. With its intelligent technology and preset schedules, Smart Rain makes sure your lawn or garden stays healthy without wasting unnecessary amounts of water. Investing in this innovative watering solution will provide you with a water-wise solution that is sure to save you money in the long run.

Smart Rain's controller is specifically designed to offer a smart money saving idea and irrigation solutions. Our smart technology can reduce water usage by up to 32%. That means less labor, as well as lower water bills.    

Smart Rain also has features such as soil moisture sensors, weather-based controls, and 24/7 monitoring capabilities. This means your sprinklers only turn on when your property needs it. Think of Smart Rain as the "landscape whisperer", communicating with your property to know when to water. In addition, you'll get real-time alerts straight to your phone. When a problem arises, you'll be the first to know. No more costly irrigation mistakes! 

A money saving idea for every city is Smart Rain

Who This Money Saving Idea Has Worked For

Don't take our word for it. Other companies have been very vocal about their Smart Rain savings.   

"It became a no brainer. We found something that pays for itself."


Check out what we’ve done for leading property managers:   

*Side Note: on average, companies save 30% on their water bills. Many of our customers see savings that are even more significant. 

Not only does Smart Rain have the tech, but we have the stats and track record to back it up. This money saving idea has truly mad an impact for so many companies.

Smart Rain's smart irrigation controller is a powerful tool for saving your company money. The device uses sophisticated algorithms to monitor local soil conditions and weather, allowing it to adjust water usage automatically and efficiently based on current conditions. This ensures that only the minimum amount of water necessary is being used at any given time, reducing waste and cutting down on energy costs.

Additionally, Smart Rain can be programmed with seasonal settings, meaning you don't have to manually adjust it throughout the year; the automated features will take care of everything for you. In this way, not only does Smart Rain save your company money by using less water, but also by requiring minimal maintenance and manual adjustments from staff members. With Smart Rain technology, you can trust that your company is making the best use of its resources while saving money in the long run.

It's no secret that the U.S. economy isn't in the best place at the moment. This may spell trouble for many businesses. But the few that stay ahead of the curve know that this money saving idea could truly cut costs. So, here's a money saving idea from one business to another: Get Smart Rain and save

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