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August 8, 2013

Smart Controller Helps St. Clair Square In 3 Steps

In May 2013, we began irrigation monitoring at St. Clair Square, Fairview Heights, Ill. Since then we’ve seen a water savings of over 2.5 million gallons of water within two months, and yet their landscape is still lush and vibrant.

By managing the amount of flow to specific zones based on the landscape needs we save clients a tremendous amount of money, but still keep their landscaping beautiful by conserving water.

Our dedicated team has found great success by monitoring and forecasting weather conditions so the appropriate watering schedule is applied. The initial installation costs have already been offset due to these dramatic water savings.

How Our Team Does It With A Smart Controller

In three easy steps you save.

  1. ESTIMATE: We’ll provide an estimate so you’ll know what you can expect to pay. You’ll also receive a calculated return on your investment.
  2. ONSITE: We’ll inspect your property to determine the amount of water you’re using now, and zone it specifically for your landscape. Our professional engineers will install and program our innovative smart controller system to meet your landscape requirements.
  3. 24/7 MONITORING: Your smart controller system will be monitored around the clock, providing notifications via email or phone of any issues. Monthly reports will provide insight to the water consumption your property uses.
smart controller irrigation device.

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