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July 12, 2022

12 Conservation Tips: Smart Irrigation Month

Happy July and Happy Smart Irrigation Month! Here's 12 conservation tips to celebrate Smart Irrigation Month. The Irrigation Association created Smart Irrigation Month to increase awareness of the benefits of innovative irrigation technologies, products, and services. Today, one of the primary examples of water waste is sprinkler systems and other forms of landscape irrigation systems.

This month, Smart Rain wants to help you and your business take steps to reduce water waste every day with these conservation tips.

12 Conservation Tips to Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month

sprinkler head that could use conservation tips for smart irrigation month

1. Launch a Campaign to Raise Awareness of Smart Irrigation

You might run an online campaign on your company's website or a physical campaign involving posters, speeches, etc. Your goal should be to let your voice be heard regarding the benefits of smart irrigation.

2. Share the Steps You’re Taking to Conserve Water On Social Media

Whether through a post or a video, share how you’re making a difference in how you water.

3. Learn About Other Water Conservation Tips

Read more about the importance of water conservation and different actionable items you can take.  This blog post is a great resource.

4. Install Low-Flow Plumbing

Although this isn’t directly tied to irrigation, this is a great way to save water.   By upgrading from a 3.5-gallon toilet to a low-flow 1.6-gallon toilet, you could conserve around 13,000 gallons of water or more a year.

5. Install a Smart Irrigation Controller

An AI-powered controller that automates when and how much you water your property can save you thousands of gallons of water (and thousands of dollars) every year.  Contact us to learn more and we can give you even more water conservation tips.

6. Install A Smart Sensor

Smart Sensors can detect moisture, rain, and water flow and adjust your sprinkler cycles accordingly. Contact us to learn more.

7. Adjust Your Landscaping

You can still have water-wise and lush landscaping. Water- and budget-friendly landscape options are available. For example, you can plant native plants in your area that are drought-resistant or require little water. It's also possible to choose a grass that thrives on less water.

8. Water Early in The AM or Late in The PM

Watering in the heat of the day can cause you to lose a tremendous amount of water due to evaporation.

9. Collect Rain Water to Use for Watering Later

Every state has its own rainwater collection laws. So if you're planning to harvest rainwater, you should familiarize yourself with your state's laws and regulations.

10. Learn About The Capabilities of the Smart Rain Irrigation Controller

Visit this page on our site to learn about the key features of our Smart Rain Controller.  Which is your favorite?

11. Help Your Local Schools Save Water

Talk to teachers, administrators, and district representatives about the Smart Rain for Smart Kids initiative.  With this program, we are donating 213 million dollars worth of smart controllers to schools across the country.  The water bill savings that result from this campaign go right back into the classroom.

12. Contact Smart Rain For a Free Consultation

Learn how their Smart Irrigation Controller can specifically help your property and get an estimate of the amount of water/money they can save you.

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