Being a landlord is a tough job. You have so much responsibility that the last thing you want to worry about is water waste on your property. One way you can reduce your workload and save money, time, and hassle is by upgrading to a more efficient irrigation system. Take a look below to find out why you should invest in water conservation fixtures like smart irrigation systems.

Instantly Adapt to Changing Circumstances

Weather can change in minutes and pipes can burst in seconds. Are you prepared to protect your property at all hours? Smart Rain is. Our products are looking out for your wallet 24/7 and practically have brains of their own. Our smart water technology works together to help your entire property adapt to the environment’s ever-changing needs — all while cutting costs and making your commercial building water usage more efficient!

Get Access to the Latest Water-Conserving Technology

The irrigation systems around your complex should operate with the best technology available in order to improve water efficiency in your buildings, which also yields cash savings. Smart Rain combines the latest features in irrigation technology, such as a smart controller, flow sensor, rain sensor, and moisture sensor to keep your water system running smoothly — and with little effort on your part.

Save Money Without Sacrificing the Comfort of Tenants

If you’ve found that water bills are chipping away at your profits, you’re probably already looking for ways to conserve water in your industry. The only problem is that many methods of commercial water conservation can inconvenience and upset your tenants. Focusing on your irrigation system is one surefire way to cut back on your water usage without causing any disruptions to the daily routines of tenants.

Use the Same System Across Different Property Types

One of the best things about Smart Rain is that its commercial water conservation system can be installed on any type of property, from office parks to college campuses. So no matter what kind of facility you manage, the savings and options are limitless when one of our smart water systems is watching over things!

About Smart Rain’s Water Management System

Smart Rain uses a smart irrigation controller to completely control the entire water system on your property. The smart controller is capable of handling up to 48 zones and allows you to set watering specifications for each zone — meaning that each area will be optimally watered every time. All functionality is conveniently controlled by your smartphone.

See How It Works

Your smart controller has three sensors: flow, moisture, and rain. The flow sensor monitors the amount of water coming out of each valve and will alert you if the flow changes from your settings. The moisture sensor monitors evaporation and precipitation to ensure that your system is only running long enough to maintain optimal soil moisture levels. If it starts to rain before or during your watering cycle, the system automatically turns off so as not to use unnecessary water.

Smart Rain $1 Million COVID-19 Stimulus Grant Available

The long-lasting and far-reaching effects of COVID-19 are more than most of us anticipated. With hundreds of thousands of businesses shutting their doors and millions of Americans dealing with unemployment, Smart Rain has identified a way to give back to landlords and property managers like you.

If you are a landlord under financial duress, we may be able to help. We’ve been approved for a green stimulus package of $1 million to help commercial property owners and managers decrease their operating costs during the global pandemic.

Purpose of the Grant

Stimulus grant funds can be used to update your water system to be more efficient, helping you save money on your water utility bill. Our team will come out to perform all the upgrades and get your system into money/water-saving mode so that you can proactively lessen your financial strain during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Required Info

When you apply, we’ll need your commercial property name and address as well as details on your property type. We also need to know the number of controls needed for the property so we can adequately price the upgrade to your system.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for funds through our grant program, call us at 1-866-546-8350 or email

Contact Smart Rain for More Water Conservation Ideas

If you want to learn more about how our smart irrigation system can benefit you, or if you want to ask questions about the stimulus grant, please contact our team at Smart Rain. We’re not just in the water conservation business. We’re here to help where we can during COVID-19.

Smart Rain and Weather Reach Acquisition

Salt Lake City, January 13, 2020—Smart Rain has announced the acquisition of Irrisoft and Weather Reach brands from Campbell Scientific Inc. Smart Rain has purchased all assets as well as assuming all customer support and services.

Steven Moore, President and founder of Irrisoft, and the Irrisoft team are pioneers in the smart landscape irrigation control business; starting their business in 2001 and have proven the ability to use weather conditions to automate landscape irrigation better than anyone else in the industry. Their most successful product was the Rain Bird ET Manager, which was private labeled for Rain Bird and sold by Rain Bird for almost a decade. Irrisoft took what they learned and further advanced their product with the Weather Reach Controller Link. For this reason, Smart Rain found great value in everything they have built from weather station network management, weather responsive irrigation automation, as well as the process behind water schedule creation. Smart Rain also sees this much larger than an acquisition of Irrisoft but a partnership with Campbell Scientific which has deep roots in weather stations and sensor technology. Steven Moore has said, "I am impressed with the simplicity and reliability of the Smart Rain system and look forward to the integration of Weather Reach technology to further improve efficient water use and sustain beautiful landscapes."

Dan Hymas, President of Smart Rain said, "We have watched and loved what Irrisoft has done over the years. It was naturally a perfect fit to take all they have built and integrate into our software and smart watering system. We believe both Irrisoft and Smart Rain customers will love even more what is yet to come from Smart Rain."

Larry Shirk, Vice President of Campbell Scientific also said, “This is naturally a great fit for Campbell Scientific as well. We have enjoyed working with Smart Rain and look forward to a long-standing relationship for years to come.”

About Smart Rain

Smart Rain was started in 2012 with one goal in mind. Add Value. From the very beginning the mission to help our customers save water, save money and save time has been at the core of our business. Starting out as a water management company our company has a rich and in-depth understanding of irrigation management and all that goes into those services. Today the company is truly a tech company with roots deep in the water management service business. Our customers, whether it be property ownership, property manager, water manager or landscape manager have come to love the ‘Value Add’ mentality that our company has fostered. Helping to save our customers over 1 billion in fresh water, $2 million on water bills, and over 100,000 hours, these stats stand as a living testament to our ethos—Add Value!

About Irrisoft, a Campbell Scientific Company

In 2001, Irrisoft was an early pioneer in smart irrigation control technology. Campbell Scientific, the world’s leader in weather stations, joined with Irrisoft; green industry software developers. The synergy between the two companies continues to produce effective, innovative solutions to improve automated water management.

Irrisoft’s first product, the WR-7 Weather Reach Receiver, proved the innovative system effectively automated water management. In 2005 Rain Bird partnered with Irrisoft. The next generation WR-7 became Rain Bird’s ET Manager. In a joint development project the ET Manager Cartridge for the LXM controllers was produced. Rain Bird turned to Irrisoft because Weather Reach technology is a sustainable solution built on reliable high-quality Campbell Scientific weather stations.

Irrisoft’s continued efforts resulted in the Controller Link. With Wi-Fi on board this Internet based smart irrigation control device also offers remote web monitoring. Controller Link converts existing controllers to smart, climate-based automation. To improve water use, efficiency and tracking flow sensing comes standard.

Steven Moore and Travis Barney are the founders of Irrisoft. They have over 50 years of combined green industry experience that includes automated irrigation control, software development, weather station network management landscape architecture, irrigation design, landscape construction, irrigation consulting and wholesale irrigation sales and distribution. This diverse strong background enables them to provide effective technology for the landscape industry.

So if you haven’t heard for the next 3 months Smart Rain will be offering No Upfront Install Cost. What does this mean for you? Well what this means is that you can get your irrigation system updated with our brand new state of the art system and we will pro-rate the cost of the install over 3 years.

Since our system on average will achieve a 12 month pay back after our monitoring costs and install costs this means your return will be even sooner. With our No Up Front Install you can start saving money in the first month.

Yeah I know crazy, so the next questions is what are you going to do with all that money we are going to save you? Well I think we will leave this up to you to figure out. The only question you have to answer is, is one bucket big enough?

In May 2013, we began irrigation monitoring at St. Clair Square, Fairview Heights, Ill. Since then we’ve seen a water savings of over 2.5 million gallons of water within two months, and yet their landscape is still lush and vibrant. By managing the amount of flow to specific zones based on the landscape needs we save clients a tremendous amount of money, but still keep their landscaping beautiful by conserving water. Our dedicated team has found great success by monitoring and forecasting weather conditions so the appropriate watering schedule is applied. The initial installation costs have already been offset due to these dramatic water savings.

How Our Team Does It

In three easy steps you save.

  1. ESTIMATE: We’ll provide an estimate so you’ll know what you can expect to pay. You’ll also receive a calculated return on your investment.
  2. ONSITE: We’ll inspect your property to determine the amount of water you’re using now, and zone it specifically for your landscape. Our professional engineers will install and program our innovative system to meet your landscape requirements.
  3. 24/7 MONITORING: Your system will be monitored around the clock, providing notifications via email or phone of any issues. Monthly reports will provide insight to the water consumption your property uses.

We at Smart Rain just got back from a trip to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) trade show in downtown Los Angeles. The show is for facility and property managers and business owners. It was a good opportunity for us to meet with potential clients in the industry and to get the Smart Rain name out there.

The show was awesome! We had our own booth, which actually turned out to be a hit. As you can see from the photo, our booth had an actual waterfall in it. What better way to tell trade show goers that our business is water, then to actually have water at our booth?

The most popular item at our booth wasn’t the waterfall, however. We presented people with our “Water Management IQ Test;” a series of questions designed to test people’s knowledge about water conservation. Our IQ Test asks such questions as: “On average, how much water coming into your property is used for landscaping?” and “When you water your sprinklers during the day, how much of that water is lost to evaporation, on average?” Do you know the answers to these questions? The answer is 70% and 30% respectively.

The IQ test was a big hit. Property and facilities manager’s that we gave the test to were shocked at some of the statistics. Some of them actually ran and grabbed friends to come and take the test. It provided us with really good insight into the knowledge (or lack thereof) that people have in water management. We’re glad we were able to teach some folks about effective water management. After they took the IQ test, some people would ask us, “So it really is better for us to water our lawns at night?” After confirming and explaining why, we’d see their light bulb turn on to the possibilities of Smart Rain and what our effective water management system could mean to them.

All in all, it was a great show for us to go to. We were happy to provide this kind of information, especially to property and facilities managers. We know our system is the best way to save money and water on landscaping.

If you would like more information about how much we could save you, check out our savings calculator. Or call us for a consultation.

Rudy Larsen, Executive Director of Development for Smart Rain teaches us the importance of water conservation and the impact it will have on us as a society. Along with Rudy, recently gave some interesting statistics of our fresh water supply and how important it is to conserve our water.

“With only 1% of water available for human consumption, doesn’t it make sense that we should treat our water supply with more respect?

Water conservation should not be considered an option any longer. Current circumstances require our full attention if we hope to thrive as a civilization.

If these statements sound dramatic, it is because much of the world is currently suffering due to a lack of clean water.

Statistics around the world reveal that our fresh water supply is practically nonexistent.

That is why it is so important to seek out, find and start using all the innovative water conservation solutions and methods that are available today.

Whether you live in Australia or China or the US, it is time to wake up and take responsiblity. It is easy to practice water conservation in the home, but there is more to be done. Our world needs help on a commercial level as well so that our waste can be controlled in such areas as agriculture and irrigation.

The United Nations has predicted that by the next two decades there will be 17% more demand of water compared to resources available.”

 Full article from can be found at

As the season progressed we found we were saving quite a bit of money, and our usage was quite a bit lower. I believe we have saved over a million gallons of water alone in one season.

Managing your water resources helps reduce utility costs and avoid wasteful consumption. You can use irrigation systems to manage water consumption, but not all systems have the right features for cost-efficient use. This is where we can help.<!--more-->

Smart Rain conducts irrigation monitoring and on-site assessments to help you save money on water consumption for your landscaping needs. Our service is available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about broken sprinklers or pipes when you’re not on the property.

Troubleshooting Problems with Your Irrigation System

Our water consultants can identify and troubleshoot problems in your irrigation system. We help install water flow sensors and a master valve so we can monitor your system anytime, anywhere. The sensors can detect broken pipes in your system so we can shut down the main water line immediately. These sensors work even while you’re away. This way, you don’t have to worry about flooding or unnecessary consumption.

Providing Expert Solutions for Your Landscaping Needs

Smart Rain makes sure that your irrigation system is at its best. Our consultants can provide water audits and consumption reports. We can also conduct soil analysis as part of our comprehensive approach in managing your entire landscape. Our team can also upgrade or install new hardware for your irrigation system to ensure optimal function.

Implementing Irrigation Management Solutions and Scheduling

Smart Rain can take away your worries when it comes to scheduling water usage on your landscape. Our water consultants can help implement the most appropriate schedule for irrigation so you can save resources and money. We can also develop an irrigation design that includes the power requirements and water sources.

Start Saving with Smart Rain

Every drop of water going down the drain could be a penny saved. Call 1-877-346-3333 and see for yourself how we can help with your irrigation and landscape needs.

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