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Senior Living Community


July 2021


in 3 years

About the Brandon Wilde property

Recently, Brandon Wilde, a Smart Rain client, has seen a great deal of success with the Smart Rain system. As the owner of a 73-acre Senior Living Life Care Community in Evans, Georgia, Wilde knew they needed to cut back on water spending.

Before Smart Rain

Before the installation of Smart Rain, the property applied a “dump, dump, dump” mentality to maintain the green landscape. In a typical year, their property averaged over 13 million gallons, spending over $30k.

In addition to the intense spending, water management was very tedious. To organize their runtime schedule, the maintenance team used Excel spreadsheets.

The Smart Rain difference

After evaluating their property’s needs, the Smart Rain experts flew down to assist in installing 15 controllers. Soon after the installation they were able to identify and repair several mainline leaks in their 30+-year-old irrigation system. From the very beginning, the clients loved the remote management feature and the flexible programming capabilities.

Because Smart Rain technology measures rainfall and soil moisture, there was a two-week period when the property did not need irrigation water. The result was substantial cost savings but still kept the landscape green and healthy.

One year after installation, the property is still seeing incredible results with $7,772 in water savings and $2,620 in labor savings. This is almost a 30% return on investment. They have saved over 3.4 MILLION gallons of water in just one year. Says client Brandon Wilde, “Smart Rain has completely changed my perception on water use.”



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