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Wireless SoilSensor

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Scan the barcode on the sensor
Place the sensor in the ground
Start saving instantly
// 1-mile range*
// Primary moisture sensor
// Temperature gauge
// Secondary moisture sensor
// Water depletion calculator
// pH monitor
Wired/Wireless FlowSensor

Save Millions by Preventing Water Damage with FlowSensor®

Main line breaks happen. And when they do, water destroys assets.

Our FlowSensor® automatically shuts the system down — saving you millions of dollars in potential damage.

Prevent property damage
Reduce water use by 10%
Trench-free, wireless install
Wired/Wireless RainSensor

Save Even More with RainSensor®

Dramatically reduce overwatering on your property.
Extend your irrigation system's lifespan
Increase operational efficiency
Monitor data in real-time

Why SmartSensors?

Our SmartSensors® can save an additional $2,200 annually, on average, per property.

Optimize Your System with Cutting-edge Smart Irrigation Technology

Wireless SmartSensors
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Quick Setup
Trench-free Installation
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Increase Annual Savings
Prevent Property Damage
Don't Waste a Drop

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