The Smart Rain Effect

Smart Rain’s goal is to help commercial properties save time, money, and water via well designed, advanced landscaping and irrigation systems. We achieve this through what we call the Smart Rain effect, where we help our customers feel more confident and in control of their irrigation and sprinkler systems. Let’s learn more about the Smart Rain effect and why it’s the smart choice for your commercial property.

What Is the Smart Rain Effect?

The Smart Rain effect combines advanced technology and eco-friendly approaches with smart irrigation and experienced professionals to create a complete solution for commercial properties. Our approach doesn’t stop at covering the irrigation system. We’re passionate about teaching others about a variety of related subjects, including:

The Smart Rain team is here for you through every season and offers a wide range of information about how to care for your property and landscaping inside and out. Whether you want to learn more about going green, maintaining your irrigation system, or how Smart Rain controller are changing up the watering game — we’ve got you covered.

Smart Rain Technology

With Smart Rain’s innovative and state-of-the-art technology, you control the power of your irrigation system from the palm of your hand. Our app offers 24/7 monitoring for every irrigation zone on your property and is available for iOS, Android, and desktop. 

Smart Rain is in the business of saving our clients’ time, money, and water while delivering the healthy, vibrant landscape they want. Our one-of-a-kind technology plays out in our app with:

  • Customizable dashboard views
  • Inneractive zone maps
  • Dedicated system reporting
  • Real-time water flows
  • System notifications
  • Forecasted calendar views

You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to access your system information at any time and control it from anywhere. Out of town and get an alert that it’s raining during your watering Perhaps the commercial irrigation system is threatening to overwater or flood a certain area? The Smart Rain app alerts you quickly, so you can address the issue immediately. No matter how you want to handle your irrigation system, Smart Rain technology can help. 

The Power of SmartController

At the heart of the Smart Rain irrigation system is the Smart Rain SmartController. Our patented controller helps you preserve water, protect resources, and reduce waste, ultimately saving you time, water, and money.

The SmartController offers:

  • 7-inch full-color touchscreen display
  • Waterproof controller box
  • 48 zones capable
  • Multiple flow sensors and master valve capable
  • Rain sensor capable
  • Expansion capable

Our SmartController can also be upgraded with additional features for a more comprehensive commercial irrigation system.

SmartSoil Moisture Sensor

The moisture sensor feature monitors how much water is in each zone of your commercial irrigation system. While monitoring evaporation and precipitation levels in each area, the sensor alerts the smart sprinkler system to water just enough to maintain proper moisture levels.

SmartWeather Rain Sensor

to have your smart sprinkler system control every aspect of landscape watering. But what about when it starts raining? The SmartWeather rain sensor predicts weekly rain changes and adjusts your watering cycle accordingly so you’re not watering when it’s already raining.

SmartIrrigation Flow Sensor

Water flow is closely monitored in every zone by the SmartIrrigation flow sensor. This sensor ensures that no area is over or underwatered; and any changes in flow rate are immediately reported in the Smart Rain app to keep you informed of system happenings.

Smart Rain’s Environmentally Friendly Approach

We believe that it’s possible to have luscious, green landscaping while still being environmentally conscious. But due to inefficient watering processes and outdated irrigation systems, billions of gallons of water are wasted every day. Smart Rain aims to change that with commercial irrigation systems that not only save time and money but also make water conservation a priority.

Smart Rain smart irrigation integrates precision watering to reduce water waste and save up to 20% of water, compared to other irrigation systems. And as an added benefit, only using the water you need saves you money on your water bills while protecting the planet. When you want to do your part to protect the planet and still have beautiful commercial landscaping, Smart Rain is the partner for you.

Commercial Irrigation and Sprinkler Maintenance

A commercial irrigation system connects every part of your sprinkler system to make it easier and more efficient to manage. Smart Rain does not merely set you up with your smart sprinkler system and leave it at that. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team remains on hand to handle every aspect of sprinkler maintenance while helping you understand and master your system at any time.

Why Commercial Properties Love Us

The Smart Rain effect has been instrumental in helping commercial properties turn their landscaping around while saving time, water, and money. From glowing customer reviews to practical applications through our case studies, discover why people love Smart Rain and have made the astute decision to utilize our commercial irrigation system.

Customer Testimonials

“Smart Rain is a great smart irrigation controller option. The application on the phone and the useability is easily their strongest feature. It took me no more than 5–10 minutes of messing around with the app to feel extremely confident on how to use it and all its features. I definitely recommend this irrigation controller to any property seeking useability and remote access. Last, they have quick and efficient customer service. If there is any question I ever have, I can call or email their team and I know I will have my questions resolved promptly. Great product!”

— Isaac D.

“Great product and great company! Easy to use and manage, and their support team is great to work with. Keep up the great work! Thanks.”

— Adam P.

“Smart Rain is the most affordable way to manage your water usage. Depending on how you want your property to look, and how the plant material is properly growing, you can take charge of your property and get the results you want. To be successful, you need the partnership and tools that Smart Rain has to offer.”

— Clayton P.

“Cool product and technology! Plus, the owners and employees are great people, too! If you’re looking for an innovative water management system that works, look no further than Smart Rain.’

— Troy H.

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Hear From Isaac

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Smart Rain Case Studies

We work with all types of commercial properties, including civic, commercial, education, hospitality, parks, and retail. Our smart irrigation system saves these properties hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and millions of gallons of water every year. Take a look at how we’ve helped them to see how we can help you, too.

  • Merit Medical Campus — After a previous irrigation system failed to live up to its promises, the Smart Rain team came in to help this company save over $66,000 and 7,000,000 gallons of water.
  • University of Utah Research Park — This commercial campus discovered it was paying 200% more for water — with excess water waste — than it should have been. After switching to Smart Rain, the campus has saved $120,000 and 25,000,000 gallons of water.
  • Boyer Company — Since 2012, Boyer Company has been using Smart Rain’s irrigation system. On its 31-acre property, it has saved $250,000 and 50,000,000 gallons of water.

Smart Rain: The Smart Choice

Smart Rain’s innovative technology combined with the Smart Rain effect creates the perfect irrigation system for every commercial property. Let us help you save time, money, and — crucially for the environment — water, when you get started with the Smart Rain irrigation system. Get a quote or schedule a demo with us today to experience our revolutionary equipment and unique ideas.

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