Learn how to save money and increase your property value with Smart irrigation technology!

Save Time and Labor

It’s simple: water costs money, and the costs shoot upward when water is being wasted through broken sprinkler heads and busted water lines. Smart Rain SmartSensor™ technology actively monitors water usage on your property, identifying ways to converse water and prevent waste.

  • Shuts off water flow if a leak or break is detected
  • Adjusts water usage to account for rainfall
  • Senses soil moisture to prevent root rot
  • Increases visibility to reduce labor hours
  • Customized reports show how water is used

Smart Controllers

Using Wi-Fi and cellular connection and a touchscreen display, the Smart Rain SmartController™ senses all water level changes on your property. Rated one of the best smart irrigation systems on the market, the Smart Rain SmartApp™ app will notify you in real-time so you can take action to prevent water waste and save money.

Mobile and Desktop App

Get 24/7 monitoring of every irrigation zone on your property. The Smart Rain SmartApp™ and SmartConnect™ apps offer a transparent look into how water is used on your property for both desktop and mobile — how much, how often, and where you can conserve. With customized reporting, interactive maps, real-time water usage, local weather forecasts, and notifications and alerts, water management has never been smarter.

Flow, Rain, and Moisture Sensors

If you want to conserve water on your property, the most effective way to do so is through smart irrigation sensors. Smart Rain offers three different types of SmartSensors™, which can be used with the SmartController™ and SmartApp™ for the most comprehensive water management methods out there. Our SmartSensors™ detect rainfall levels, soil moisture, and flow rates, alerting you to irregularities and adjusting flow to prevent over-watering.

Conserving Water

As a property owner, it is not enough to run your irrigation system on a basic timer. Your system must be configured to actively respond to changes in weather and water flow.

Did you know that more than 50% of water in the United States is wasted by faulty irrigation systems? No matter the size of your property, over-watering, evaporation, and runoff can lead to huge water utility bills and thousands of gallons of wasted water.

With smart irrigation technology, you control exactly how much water you use, when you use it, and where you use it.

About Smart Rain

Smart Rain was founded with the mission to conserve water and save time and money on water usage. Our commercial smart irrigation technology can transform water usage on any property in any type of industry, including office complexes, retail spaces, recreational areas, and residential properties. Since founding our company under a decade ago, our innovation has saved customers $3 million in water bills, more than one billion gallons of water, and hundreds of thousands of hours in labor. Learn more about Smart Rain here


Reduced water consumption

We’ve reduced our water consumption significantly while keeping the lawns green, the flowers watered, just overall improving operations. We’ve found a great partner in Smart Rain that’s helped us be proactive in working to control that finite resource that we have here in the Mountain West.

Craig Cardall

Real Estate Manager for CBRE

Step by Step

Smart Rain is there with you step-by-step. They take you from the install to the mapping to the activation and then they walk you through how to get on the website and to monitor everything that’s going on. They never leave you hanging.



Reports issues

Smart Rain reports problems that are occurring on the property. It’s able to report the exact location of the break which in turn saves on labor. We will know exactly what’s going on in real time rather than us investigating and getting back to them a day later.


Lawn Butler


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