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Zions Bank

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About Zions Bank Properties

Zions Bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in the western United States. Since its founding almost 150 years ago, Zions Bank now has 122 financial service centers across Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. When they came to Smart Rain, Zions Bank needed a comprehensive smart irrigation system to provide the service, customer support, and cost savings to keep their commercial properties beautiful.

Water is a very precious resource, and one of the biggest steps companies can take toward reducing their footprint is better managing water usage. So much water is lost simply by watering at the hottest times of the day or watering after rainfall. Zions Bank realized they were not using water as efficiently as possible on all of their commercial properties, so they decided to change that.

In 2014, Zions Bank began to brainstorm ways to streamline irrigation on all of their commercial properties. One of the solutions widely used among companies of all sizes was commercial smart irrigation technology. They had never used a smart irrigation system before, but they knew that it would help them save money, time, and water. Not only was this a good move for their bottom line — it was also in line with their water conservation goals.

Reassessing water use to lower Zions Bank’s footprint

Finding the right technology for the job

Much of Zions Bank’s business is done through advanced technology, so it made sense to take the same approach with irrigation. When Zions Bank first started the conversation about implementing smart controller technology for their commercial properties, they primarily focused on their corporate buildings and campuses. Smart Rain analyzed Zions Bank’s landscape across all of these locations to devise a water management plan customized for their specific business.

Smart Rain’s commercial smart irrigation system can reduce water usage by half, and automatically adapts to weather and rainfall all year long to ensure water is not wasted. The system also detects flow issues in real time, sending alerts in case of problems like broken sprinkler lines. Smart Rain installed commercial smart irrigation technology on Zions Bank’s properties to monitor and automate water usage through sprinkler systems. They also installed flow sensors and the Smart Controller at all Zions Bank corporate facilities and branches.

Minimizing water waste and maximizing cost savings

By using Smart Rain’s technology, Zions Bank succeeded in their goal to use fresh water more efficiently and cut down on water waste. Since installing Smart Rain, Zions Bank has saved $135,000 on water bills and 64 million gallons of water. But even though Zions Bank locations are using less water, the landscaping is still as beautiful as ever — with less waste, runoff, and over-watering.

Commercial property irrigation technology is essential for water conservation. All companies — even large businesses with hundreds of locations — need to find ways to conserve water and protect one of our most valuable resources. With Smart Rain, Zions Bank is doing their part to eliminate water waste.

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