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Valley Fair Mall

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About the Valley Fair Mall Property

Valley Fair Mall is an indoor and outdoor shopping center in West Valley City, Utah. The 50-acre mall houses dozens of stores, including clothing shops, restaurants, and cosmetics stores. The center also has walkways and landscaping features including fountains, a splash pad, trees, flowers, and shrubs. The Valley Fair Mall retail property manager’s main goal was to provide a comfortable, attractive place for customers to shop and spend time with their friends and family.

Using too much water on intricate landscaping

To increase the efficiency of their water management, the retail property manager at Valley Fair Mall knew they needed to invest in more advanced technology — and commercial smart irrigation was the ideal solution. Valley Fair Mall contacted Smart Rain to explore smart irrigation solutions that were compatible with their property.

The Smart Rain team visited Valley Fair Mall to learn more about the current irrigation system, and how it would benefit from a weather-based controller system. After learning more about the retail property, Smart Rain put together a customized water management plan for Valley Fair Mall. They put the plan into action by installing a single Smart Rain smart irrigation controller. They would monitor the data gathered by the Smart Controller and use that information to see which other Smart Rain devices would work well on the property. After just one season of using Smart Rain, Valley Fair Mall decided to retrofit the entire 50-acre mall with commercial smart irrigation technology.

Conserving water for a more flexible budget

Valley Fair Mall experienced impressive results after installing just one Smart Rain controller. However, their money and water savings were multiplied several times over after replacing all of their irrigation controllers with Smart Rain. Switching to Smart Rain has saved Valley Fair Mall more than $30,000 on water bills and 30 million gallons of water. These significant water and cost savings improved Valley Fair Mall’s operating budget, making it possible for them to do even more with their property.

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