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Merit Medical Campus

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Merit Medical Systems property overview

Merit Medical Systems is a top global manufacturer of innovative medical devices. Merit Medical Systems is headquartered in South Jordan, Utah on a 36-acre commercial property that includes on-site healthcare centers, gardens, walking paths, manufacturing facilities, and cafés. Merit Medical Systems turned to Smart Rain to conserve water and save money on their extensive campus landscape irrigation.

Issues with cost, ease of use, and customer support

Before selecting Smart Rain, Merit Medical Systems had made a large investment in a different commercial smart irrigation system — without success. The system they relied upon promised ease of use and excellent customer support, but failed to deliver on both counts. Merit Medical System was not seeing the cost savings or water conservation needed for upkeep on its 36-acre commercial property. In fact, they were actively losing money. Merit knew that they needed to find a new smart irrigation solution that could fulfill their budget and sustainability goals.

Creating a customized water management solution

In 2017, Merit Medical Systems turned to Smart Rain to outperform their past smart irrigation supplier in water conservation, customer support, and cost savings. Smart Rain rose to the challenge, visiting the commercial property and creating a customized water management plan to ensure water was used as efficiently as possible throughout the campus. Once an effective water management plan was created, Smart Rain seamlessly installed a Smart Controller and instructed the Merit Medical Systems team on how to monitor water usage and make adjustments via the mobile app and desktop application.

The goal of Smart Rain’s water management plan was to strategically monitor watering levels to eliminate runoff and waste. Smart Rain knew that if Merit Medical Systems began strategically using their water, they would almost immediately see improvements not only in landscape aesthetics, but also in ensuing water bills.

Significant cost savings and water conservation

With Smart Rain’s irrigation technology, Merit Medical Systems saved more than 7 million gallons of fresh water, significantly lowering their water bills and saving approximately $66,000. Though Merit Medical Systems was employing a more efficient watering technique, they were still able to water aggressively and maintain lush green landscaping on their campus.

While the most obvious improvement came in the form of water conversation and cost savings, customer support also made a huge difference to Merit Medical Systems. Smart Rain was attentive every step of the way, from installation to ongoing support. With Smart Rain’s easy lines of communication and always-available support team, Merit Medical Systems found the technology and cost savings they wanted along with the customer service they needed.

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