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Cushman Wakefield Properties

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About Cushman Wakefield Properties

Cushman & Wakefield is a commercial real estate company with operations around the globe. The company navigates rapidly evolving markets to provide landlords, investors, and tenants with the most informed real estate solutions. Cushman & Wakefield provide services for several different types of properties, including office complexes, retail locations, and warehouses.

Water waste on different types of properties

Cushman & Wakefield manages properties of all different types, so they needed an irrigation solution that could adequately adapt to a variety of property sizes and requirements. While all these properties are different, one thing remained the same: They needed to use fresh water to maintain a healthy landscape. However, watering landscaping on a 45-acre property could quickly become very expensive. Cushman & Wakefield knew that they needed to change their irrigation system in order to keep water costs in line with their budget.

Creating a customized watering plan for various properties

Smart Rain’s commercial smart irrigation solutions are compatible with every type of property, so they knew that meeting Cushman & Wakefield’s needs would not be a challenge. To begin their service plan with Cushman & Wakefield, the Smart Rain team visited the property to evaluate their current irrigation setup and identify room for improvement. After visiting the Cushman & Wakefield property, Smart Rain developed a customized water management plan that included recommended products and pricing structures.

Smart Rain received approval from Cushman & Wakefield and started the installation process. They installed the Smart Controller and various moisture sensors on the properties to ensure informed watering structures. The Smart Rain solutions were installed on many different Cushman & Wakefield properties, including offices, warehouses, and retail facilities. Smart Rain also provided Cushman & Wakefield commercial property managers with access to the Smart Rain mobile app, allowing them to easily monitor and adjust the entire irrigation system.

An investment that paid for itself

Cushman & Wakefield saw water and cost savings within the first days of system operation. In fact, the upfront investment into Smart Rain’s smart irrigation system was paid for in the first year of operation. Now, each additional year provided Cushman & Wakefield with additional cost savings, adding flexibility to their operating budgets and improving the owners’ net profits. Commercial property managers continue to enjoy the peace of mind brought by Smart Rain’s easy-to-use web and mobile applications.

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