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March 27, 2019

How Good Property Management Saves Energy

You want to be the best property manager that you can, but it’s hard. Challenges constantly present themselves – especially when it comes to saving energy for the buildings you oversee. If you’re tired of watching utility bills skyrocket, take a peek at the tips below.

Look for special programs

It’s possible that you have local, regional or even national programs that can reduce energy costs. Do a little investigating, and see if things like rebates, low-interest loans or energy-saving tools are available in your area. You can notify residents through your community newsletter, message board or special mailing.

Be a killer negotiator

Who says you have to pay full price for energy-saving appliances? Whether you’re refurbing a few units or adding a slew of new ones, negotiate hard to get the best prices on Energy Star® appliances and similar items. You may even be able to get better utility rates just by talking to the right people at the electric, phone or gas company.

Use the latest technology

The tips above may not do you much good if you’re using outdated maintenance methods. Talk to Smart Rain today about the latest in irrigation technology. It can help you save money, time and energy all at once!

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