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July 28, 2019

Save Energy on Your Properties this Summer

Ah, summertime … and the livin’s easy. Except if you’re a property owner or manager. That’s because energy costs tend to soar during this season, as people try desperately to keep themselves cool. But there are several ways you can save energy during the next few months … and even enjoy summertime livin’!

Change air filters frequently

When air filters get too dirty, they make your cooling system work overtime. Save energy property-wide on your HVAC by changing filters every three months (or more, if it’s warranted).

Turn up the heat

No one wants to sweat like crazy during the summertime, but raising the temperature even a few degrees on thermostats in common areas saves energy. It’s also likely you won’t notice the slight increase in temperature – especially if you have ceiling fans (which use less energy) going at the same time.

Get smart about irrigation

Watering lawns, flowers, plants and shrubs probably makes up a huge portion of your summertime energy bill. Get smart about irrigation by using the latest technology to save water on this costly task. A customizable, adjustable system will make this especially easy.

What are some of YOUR favorite ways to save energy on properties during summer?

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