May 27, 2020

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Being a landlord is a tough job. There are buildings to maintain, rent to collect and problem tenants to deal with at times. But one way you can save money, time and hassle is with the right irrigation system. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Watching out for your wallet 24/7

Weather can change in minutes and pipes can burst in seconds — are you prepared to protect your property at all hours? Smart Rain is. Our products practically have brains of their own; that’s why our suite of smart water system technology works together to help your entire property adapt to the environment’s ever-changing needs. And all the while cutting costs and conserving water too!

The latest technology at your fingertips

Modern irrigation systems should operate with the best technology available in order to conserve energy – and cash. That’s why Smart Rain combines crucial elements such as a Smart Controller, Flow Sensor, Rain Sensor and Moisture Sensor. Stacking these features together keeps your water system running smoothly — and with little effort on your part.

Working hard on all types of properties

Possibly the best thing about Smart Rain is that its money-saving system can be installed on any type of property, from office parks to college campuses. When it comes to smart water systems, the options are many and your savings are limitless!

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