We’re helping shrink the education funding gap by donating $213 million in SmartControllers™ to schools all across America. You can help by spreading the message.
June 22, 2022

Cuts to Education Funding Affect Far More than Just Classroom Supplies

Every year, K-12 schools are underfunded by $150 billion (1). This lack of funding has far-reaching effects on overall performance, educators' well-being, and students' welfare.

Results of Underfunding: It's In The Numbers

Effects of Underfunding on Performance  

Effects of Underfunding on Educator Well-Being  

Effects of Underfunding on Student Welfare  

How Smart Rain is Helping

With the education funding crisis, the big question is…where will the money come from to address this? What if the money schools spent on landscape irrigation ended up back in the classroom? With this thought in mind, Smart Rain is donating $213,000,000 in smart irrigation controllers to schools across America.

With each controller, Smart Rain is going to save each school $7,569, on average, per year, which districts can reallocate back to the kids to improve their education. Unlike a one-time donation, this is a gift that can truly keep on giving.

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