September 26, 2018

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People usually associate audits with bad things, like an unwanted letter from the IRS. However, there are times when audits can be good – even great. This is especially true if you’re a property manager. You need to see where your properties’ energy is being wasted … and where you can save it.

Why do an energy audit?

If utility bills are taking increasing chunks out of your HOA’s (Homeowner’s Association’s) budget, you may have to raise the HOA fees. This irritates current owners, and even worse, can turn away potential home buyers who are looking into your community.

What if there’s no money for upgrades?

Many property managers assume that an energy audit would be a waste of time because it would recommend upgrades they can’t afford. But that isn’t necessarily true. Energy and cost savings may be available immediately with just a few tweaks. But if you fail to complete an energy audit, you’ll never realize their potential.

Go with a professional

If you do decide to do an energy audit, you need a professional who has the knowledge, experience and certification in their field to recommend changes to you. Someone who specializes in multi-family dwellings is ideal.

How much “audit” should you get?

There are many different types of audits, and you usually get what you pay for. A more detailed audit will probably be more expensive, but will show greater detail as to where your energy is being wasted, and where you can save. In addition, check if your utility company offers free energy audits, or full or partial reimbursement for them.

There are tons of ways to save energy

There are many ways that you can help save energy in the community you manage. A state-of-the-art irrigation system is just one of them. Contact Smart Rain today, so you can start saving as soon as possible!

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