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Save time on labor

It’s simple: water costs money, and the costs shoot upward when water is being wasted through broken sprinkler heads and busted water lines. Smart irrigation technology actively monitors water usage on your property, identifying ways to conserve water and prevent waste.
  • Shuts off water flow if a leak or break is detected
  • Adjusts water usage to account for rainfall
  • Senses soil moisture to prevent root rot
  • Increases visibility to reduce labor hours
  • Customized reports show how water is used
Smart Contoller
Mobile  and Desktop Apps
Flow, Rain and Moisture Sensors

Conserve water

Did you know that more than 50% of water in the United States is wasted by faulty irrigation systems? No matter the size of your property, over-watering, evaporation, and runoff can lead to huge water utility bills and thousands of gallons of wasted water.
With smart irrigation technology, you control exactly how much water you use, when you use it, and where you use it.

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