Automate your irrigation and increase savings

We help you save money with innovative technology that optimizes weather data and water usage — giving you a greener landscape with healthier plants.

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Don’t waste money on water usage
— fix your irrigation first

Benefit from our expertise building simplified irrigation technology to improve all aspects of your landscape. Once we’ve consulted, completed install, and set up your zones, we’ll help monitor your sites to maximize performance.
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Increase monthly profit
Installing Smart Rain technology on your property decreases water expenses and optimizes your budget.
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Reduce labor costs
Smart irrigation technology means you get more insight, and reduces the time your landscapers spend going site-to-site.
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Fast ROI
Stop wasting money on overwatering. See a return on your investment and enjoy a greener, more lush landscape, within as little as six months.

Many landscapers see a problem once the landscape is dying. The Smart Rain system proactively notifies of issues in real-time.

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Jonathan Evans
Owned Asset Manager


Return On Cost
The reduction of overwatering allowed an average utility cost savings.


Property reinvestment
The average annual savings per property grew the operation’s bottom-line.



Gallons conserved
Automated efforts contribute to ESG standards and earn LEED points.
Numbers reflect average savings, per property, over a 12-month period.

Our Simple, Four-Step Process

See what you have
First we establish a baseline by reviewing past water bills and water usage.
Review your system
We’ll review existing watering zones and identify the various landscaped areas and soil types on your properties.
Install Smart Rain
Professional installation of SmartController® devices, other sensors, and configuration of zones and SmartMapping®.
Monitor your success
You’ll meet your 24/7 account manager who collaborates with your remote Water Management team.

No more guessing where irrigation zones and equipment are located.

Interactive map of assets

The most accurate weather AI for massive cost savings.

Hyper-local weather data
You can expect an increase in profit when using our smart irrigation technology
Hyper-local weather data is key to getting a healthier and greener landscape for thousands less. Smart Rain being the original weather-based irrigation technology, you get exactly what is required for your sites.
With a smart irrigation system experience less visits to properties from your landscaper. In turn, driving efficiency over cost.
Empowers prompt action
With the ability to control from our smart phones, the Smart Rain system gives us the power to act very quickly and attack issues while they’re happening real-time. We didn’t really look to upgrade our irrigation system. We had a lot of challenges with line breaks and wasted water. When we found Smart Rain it gave us the ability and control to oversee what is happening.
Michael Salcher
Michael Salcher
Senior VP U.S. Operations
Western Securities
Great price with a guarantee
Smart Rain controller was very cost competitive when compared to the other platforms. They were willing to backstop their product with a guarantee of savings. The results on the sites are coming back very positive and we’ve found the experience we’ve had thus far has been very outstanding.
Daniel Hsu
Daniel Hsu
Asset Manager
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See the Smart Rain difference

Smart Rain
Manage from anywhere
Our innovative technology allows you to access your account from any computer or mobile device for insights.
Interactive map
SmartMapping® is an interactive virtual map that uses GPS to mark locations of valves, controllers, etc. Also helping you to open zones manually from the map.
Hyper-local weather data
Over 3 million weather data points that provide the most accurate weather within one mile from your site.
Lifetime warranty
We understand hardware expires. When that happens you should not be liable for paying for a new SmartController®. Enjoy one less worry.
24-hour support
Our customer success team is available 24/7 to provide troubleshooting, trainings, and insights about your properties.
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Automate your irrigation and increase your savings

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Increase Monthly Profit

Smart Rain does not currently service small personal residential properties.

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