January 27, 2021

Carpathian mountain village in light of rising moon with wooden houses on a hill covered with fresh snow. Fantastic milky way in a starry sky. Christmas winter night.Sometimes, it’s hard to say whether winter is harder on your house or your bank account. That is, if you’re not properly prepared for the ravages of the colder season. Truth is, there are many ways to winterize your house without great expense and while maintaining an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

And, with this having been a relatively dry and warmer winter in Utah, there’s still time to prep your home for the much colder days which are sure to come in 2021.

Insulate your home with a cellulose or cotton-based insulation product. Do your homework first — insulation is rated by how well it resists the flow of heat. This is its R value, from 1 (not very good at insulating) to 60 (the best insulators). Naturally, you’re going to pay more for a better R value, so it’s important to balance initial cost, cost savings over time, and environmental impact.

Check your windows for drafts. If your windows are older or single pane, you may be losing a significant amount of energy. As with any home improvement, costs vary widely depending on whether you choose to replace old windows with new, efficient ones or whether you go with a temporary fix like plastic or bubble wrap to create a barrier against drafts. There are many ways you can lose less energy through windows and doors.

It will take some time for this winterizing tip to be effective, but it will pay off in time and be great for the environment. Planting a row of evergreen trees near your home can be a great way to block wind, create shade and insulate your home. The Arbor Day Foundation provides some great resources on planting a wind break.

There are lots of other small, simple things you can do to save energy and stay green. Keep your furnace properly maintained. Open the oven after you’ve used it to let residual heat into your home. You can also do things to warm up your body temperature without changing the thermostat. Drink hot tea and enjoy soups and stews. Do an intense workout to get heated.

Winter doesn’t have to strain your finances or hurt the planet. Whatever your budget allows, find a few ways to save energy and resources during the cold season.

Want a bonus tip? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your irrigation solutions for next spring and summer. Considering a smart irrigation solution? Get in touch with us today to see how we can save you time and money.

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