January 22, 2020

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Very often in life, we’re told that being passive is wrong. Want to lose weight? Get more active. Want to reach those savings goals? “Actively” look for ways to be frugal. But when it comes to developing or retrofitting properties, there’s something to be said for passivity if you want to go green.

Introducing the Passive House

A green building standard called “Passive House” was first introduced in Europe in the 1980s. Today, Americans are starting to see its benefits as well. Employing Passive House design methods can go a long way in reducing a property’s energy usage.

Let’s get passive!

The Passive House is all about using an area’s climate to reduce a home’s ecological footprint without decreasing the quality of life for those that live there. These are the types of things you’ll see in a passively-designed house:

  • Use of solar energy for heating
  • Ventilation systems that automatically reduce excess moisture
  • Connected insulation that allows for little-to-no energy loss
  • Double-paned, triple-paned or otherwise high-performance windows

Want more passive ways to save energy? Smart Rain takes all the work out of irrigation for you. Contact us today to learn how to save water and money while keeping your properties green!

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