June 26, 2018

The technology at Smart Rain is nothing short of amazing. However, it still might have you asking what makes our technology worthy of the prestigious Best of State Statue in the Science and Technology category. We want to answer that question for you.

  • The interface it easy to use. And we mean really easy. Every site gets a site map, site photos and the software interface setup exactly to your specific site. In addition, you get a dashboard showing all of your sites and their status, letting you know if they require your attention.
  • Mobility in the field is huge. With our product, not only can you run zones from a smart device while in the field, but you can also make program adjustments, set delays, and edit photos. Actually, you can do anything in the field that you can do from a computer in the office.
  • We provide cutting edge communication using 4G LTE and a true cloud based IOT solution. What this means for you is that your smart controller works quickly to respond to your commands. It also allows for all weather predicted watering schedules to be made in the cloud and pushed to the controller as needed.
  • Finally, our secret sauce. How can our product save millions of dollars on water bills? It’s in how we manage your weather and flow data. Our controller uses real-time true evapotranspiration and rain fall data to determine how much water is needed on your property. We take it a step further and predict your future evapotranspiration and rain fall for the next 14 days to forecast the perfect watering schedule. On top of all of that, we manage real-time water flow to detect any high or low flows of pressure, and then notify you right away.

These four points are only a high-level view of the technology that is used to streamline your smart irrigating watering needs. This technology has been able to help our customers save millions on water bills and close to one billion gallons of fresh water to date.


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