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July 8, 2020

4 Lawn CareTips For An Awesome Summer Yard

The neighbor’s yard and lawn care isn’t the only thing that’s green right now. You probably are too (with envy) that his yard looks so fantastic while yours looks like it was trampled by a herd of wild moose. And to make things worse, the summer days just seem to fly by sometimes. Before you know it, your yard has gotten away from you and you’re shaking your head at the fact that another season went by without getting to really and truly enjoy your backyard the way you’ve always intended to.

It’s OK. We’ve all been there. So, let’s regroup. It’s summer and you still want to take some time to get your lawn in tip-top shape this season. Just check out the suggestions below.

Water Wise Lawn Care

Yes, your lawn care requires more water in the summertime, but too much can be as bad as little. Overwatering a lawn can turn it into a breeding ground for bugs and weeds. Too little water, and you’ll have brown and yellow patches of grass that look like they belong in a desert instead of the suburbs.

Protect against pests

Speaking of bugs, you’ll want to take steps to ensure they don’t consider your lawn their own personal entrée. Good lawn care will ensure your pest problem is under control. Note that elimination of all bugs is counter productive and dangerous. There are some critters that need to be able to live in the Earth under your lawn that are beneficial. 

Most insects hide in the thatch that can gather on lawns, which is just one more good reason to aerate! If your lawn is thinning out or losing color, bugs may be to blame, so call a professional landscaping company to apply insecticide. Or, find natural remedies to this issue that don't require harsh chemicals. Especially if you have children that play on the lawn.

Outwit your weeds

Weeds tend to grow on your lawn during the summer like, well, weeds! But the ones plaguing you now may be different than those you had in the spring, so get a professional to identify and treat them. Your lawn care professionals should be able to get rid of weeds using specialized herbicide that is designed for some species uniquely.

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