April 22, 2020

13947940 - recycling sign made of water splashesOn the list of priorities for the earth right now, recycling should be at the top of the list for most people. Yet, we don’t always behave as though we believe that, do we? Many of us can be lazy or careless when it comes to separating our waste products for recycling. Maybe we don’t have time to rinse out a frozen lunch carton and it goes into the garbage. We know better, but we are all still guilty to some degree.

These following facts about recycling are real eye-openers on the state of recycling in our country. Read these and consider how you can better contribute to recycling:

  1. That aluminum can you throw away today will still be an aluminum can 500 years from now. Recycle it and it can be part of a new can within six weeks!
  2. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for three homes.
  3. The average American uses seven trees a year in paper, wood and other products made from trees. How much do you think that is in a year? Yikes!
  4. The average household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of paper each year. Recycle it instead!
  5. Americans throw away 25,000,000 plastic beverage bottles every hour. Burning those takes takes twice as much energy than recycling.
  6. A glass bottle can take about 4,000 years or more to decompose. Recycle it.
  7. Americans generate and throw away nine times as much waste as does a person in Africa or Central America.
  8. You can walk one mile along an average U.S. highway and see about 1,500 pieces of garbage. We can all do our part in disposing of it properly.
  9. Clothing is recyclable, too. What else can you recycle?
  10. Not many people realize that tin foil can be recycled. Now you know

Recycling saves the earth, it saves energy, it reduces pollution, and it reduces waste products in landfills. Are you doing your part?

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