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October 27, 2017

Technology and Its Impact on Society

In the years to come, I feel that technology will make my education even easier because it will help add additional resources to the learning process. With holographic already being a common technology, I can see our professors being available in that form inside our homes. I also see interaction between classmates being reformed and us being able to tap into each other’s minds even more as we continue to grow not only the computer, but the internet and its reach. Education will reach bigger heights as technology continues to grow.

As a mom, I rely a lot on technology to help me keep in touch with my children. My oldest daughter has a cell phone that helps me keep in contact with her at all times when we are away from each other. My youngest wears a bracelet that keeps me updated to her GPS location and that way I can make sure that I know where she is at all times. With technology making these types of communication and tracking possible, we are able to protect our children better and also ease our worries just a little when they are away.

Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat are all versions of social media that are made available thanks to technology. These apps help us to keep up with family that we don’t get to see often, as well as update them on our lives and how things are going. Although they have been used for negative bullying tactics, social media was originated as a way to socialize, network, and stay connected with those that we love. It has helped me make connections in my career, and gain great mentors for the direction that I am trying to take my life and degree. It has also allowed me to keep up with my cousins and other family members that I am not able to see as often as I like, and I get to see their accomplishments and strides.

Although Technology has become so advanced in my twenty-seven years, I feel that we are just tapping into the surface of possibilities. Advances in medicine, transportation, education, and communication have already moved us into a more advanced society than we were when I was a kid, and I know that when my grandchildren are born I will be amazed at how much further we have come in our discoveries.

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