April 4, 2018

It’s all about software these days and here at Smart Rain there is nothing short of amazing technological advances going on! With our own in-house software team, we have built an amazing user interface that will blow you away!

Want to see how much water and money you have saved with a click of button? How about a complete map of your entire property and photos of each zone with all the information you could ever need with it? Want notifications sent to you when issues are detected? Done and done.



ET and weather data so you can see how weather is impacting your watering schedule. You’re welcome!

Maintenance and budgeting tools for your landscapers, to help keep track of the upcoming maintenance and enhancements happening on your property. Ya we think that’s pretty awesome too! Need a detailed list of every adjustment made to your system, giving accountability to your staff and Landscaper? Consider it taken care of.

Adjust all programs from your phone as well as use it as the controller remotely from anywhere. Sound a little too good to be true? We kind of think so too, but none the less here it is. This is how our tech talks big.










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