March 9, 2022

With winter in full swing, you probably spend a lot of your days curled up on the couch with the fireplace roaring and your Netflix queue keeping you company. Or maybe reading with a hot cup of tea is more your style. Cozy winter still life: mug of hot tea and opened book with warm plaid on vintage windowsill against snow landscape from outside.

All that rest and relaxation can be great. But the more time at home might translate into higher power bills this winter. The same goes for the tenants in the properties you manage. How are you helping them conserve energy? Below are a few tips on how to do just that.

Do some fine-tuning.

The furnaces and boilers on your properties will be working overtime in the next few months if they’re not already. Make sure to get regular maintenance on them. Cleaning them regularly will keep them at top efficiency throughout the season.

Turn the temps down.

Keeping indoor spaces warm and well-lit can really take a bite out of your association’s budget. Turning temperatures down even a few degrees can save tons. You can try keeping the heat warmer in the first hour you wake up and the hour before you go to bed. Your home should keep this heat preserved during the day while keeping your bill down.

Ditch door drafts.

One of the worst culprits when it comes to stealing your heated air is an unavoidable part of your home — the door. Cold air leaches in and can be sucking the heated air out through poorly insulated seams, costing you hundreds in the process! Not to mention that these loose seams and high door clearances are the perfect invitations for any pests who are looking for a break from the cold.

Buy pre-made draft stoppers that stick to the bottom of the door. If you don’t have the funds or the stuff in stock, you can take a DIY approach and use your old socks.!

Insulate windows.

Like doors, windows let out a ton of heat, too. There are so many ways to insulate windows. You might consider using decorative window clings. These often serve a dual purpose and can effectively coat your windows, giving you that insulation boost you need to really feel the difference.

Perhaps the easiest fix, though, is adding or replacing the curtains on a window. Blackout curtains aren’t just good for keeping the sun out of a room— they’re also great insulators.

Audit your energy.

It’s hard to cut down on your winter energy use if you don’t know where it’s going in the first place. If you’ve taken the obvious steps above (such as fine-tuning furnaces and boilers and then working to reduce energy needs in unused areas), an “energy audit” of your properties by your local utility company may find other ways you can cut back.

For more ways to conserve energy, including using a state-of-the-art irrigation system, make sure to contact Smart Rain today!

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