December 12, 2019

????????????????????????????????????????????How is your office doing when it comes to being environmentally friendly? If you could use a green overhaul, consider this: it doesn’t take a huge investment of time or money to take steps toward a workplace that’s environmentally sound.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Do an energy audit. Whether you hire a company to do a formal assessment or just take a walk around the office in search of power wasters, take some time to really evaluate the amount of electricity and other utilities you’re using. Where can steps be taken to conserve power and water?
  • Reduce paper. Nearly all offices could help the planet by taking steps toward being paperless. Email reports for employees to reference during a meeting rather than passing out copies. Allow electronic signing for documents rather than written signatures. When printing is necessary, use both sides of each page.
  • Do more recycling. Most offices do their share of paper recycling at this point. Think of ways that you can take it a step further. In addition to recycling bins at copy machines or printers, does each office or cube have a recycling bin or box? Are there recycling containers in breakrooms and lounges for cans, plastic, glass and paper? In addition to daily use items, consider recycling equipment and supplies. Most communities have drop off sites for used electronics, ink and toner cartridges and more!
  • Invest in solar. This one could require a bit of an investment, but you can start small! Purchase solar chargers for phones and tablets. If you’re interested in a bigger investment (and return!), there are tax credits available for some solar upgrades.
  • Buy green products. Make sure buyers for your business are looking into suppliers and choosing companies that use recycled materials. Work with local companies, when possible, to reduce shipping related emissions. Let vendors know that you are interested in green products from green companies so that they are aware of the demand and more likely to factor the environment into their own practices!

Whether you try them all at once or make a goal to incorporate one idea each month, every person who participates or is affected will become more aware of their habits and more likely to go green in other aspects of their lives as well!

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