November 27, 2019


You’re not imagining it – it IS a little chilly in your office. And that’s not just because the temperature outside has plummeted. If the staff you manage seems cold, aloof or otherwise unengaged in their work, here are a few ways to light a fire underneath them!


We all have bad days – sometimes we feel overwhelmed, or our work performance isn’t up to snuff. And while you don’t want to become the “complaint department” for your team 24/7, it does help them to know you take their concerns seriously. So if they come to you with a work-related problem or concern, engage in active listening. Nothing leads to warm and fuzzy feelings like a little empathy!

Be flexible

No one likes a boss who micromanages – it’s like putting the big freeze on your best workers. Trust that you’ve hired the best people for the job, and that they’ll be able to DO that job with minimal involvement on your part. Now things are really heating up!

Entertain new ideas

Like all business endeavors, property management thrives on innovation. Don’t shoot down new ideas by employees just because the former is untested. That change you dreaded making (like to your outdated irrigation system) might just be the one that saves you big bucks. Now that’s hot stuff!

If you want more information about how Smart Rain can be an asset to your entire team, get in touch with us today!

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